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  • Propagation of distributions in in the educational course "Metrology"

    The article describes the problem of uncertainty estimation by GUM method and Monte Carlo method on the example of educational measuring procedures and the limits of methods applicability. Examples of the transformation of distributions are presented.

    Keywords: measurement uncertainty, propagation of distributions, Monte Carlo method, influence quantity

  • Metrological assurance of field experience with the use of simulation models

    The article is devoted to the development of metrological assurance in the field of experience based on solving optimization problems with the involvement of simulation and statistical models. This technique will improve the accuracy of decisions and reduce the time of development of technology. It is important to establish a system of views on the organization of metrological support of field experience on the basis of a system approach, taking into account the relationship and interaction of the various elements and processes of metrological assurance. The article describes an example of measurement processing of a multifactorial field experiment with application of simulation models, produced on the basis of the identification of correlations, tightness and shape which describe the regression equation or the correlation equation, which allows to obtain accurate solutions.

    Keywords: field experience, observation, and optimization technologies, simulation model, regression, correlation, correlation coefficient

  • Probabilistic-statistical method for the estimation of the parameters of the traction units

    We propose a probabilistic and statistical method of estimating parameters of the traction units, which is the creation of acceptable modes of operation taking into account the probabilistic nature of the load, the probability ratios, and other factors that act continuously and systematically change operational characteristics of machine-tractor units. Presents the graphical dependence of the speed of the shaft of the engine SMD-62 degree load and the coefficient of its variation.

    Keywords: mathematical expectation, function of communication, frequency of rotation of the motor shaft, the coefficient of variation, the degree of load probability ratio

  • The development of statistical tools to increase quality control of technological process of production pipeline systems at PJSC Beriev Aircraft Company

    The result of the application of the statistical quality control and monitoring instrumentation on PJSC Beriev Aircraft Company is described in this article. The analysis of the existing tools of control and management quality in relation to features of technological process of production pipeline systems on which fuel, air oxygen, liquid chemicals on planes therefore the tool kit for increase quality control at the studied enterprise carried out. The developed control leaf for fast and convenient data collection is described, Pareto's chart is constructed, ABC analysis, for the purpose of identification of the special reasons of discrepancies is carried out, the control chart is used to definition of stability process. The program of correcting actions is developed by means of the chart Isikava, in order to eliminate all revealed discrepancies. Introduction of the offered tools in production of systems of pipelines on PJSC Beriev Aircraft Company has provided continuous improvement of quality of products, has certified compliance of these types of systems of pipelines to requirements standards.

    Keywords: statistical analysis, quality control, technological process

  • Multiple measurement results processing in OpenOffice

    In the article it is suggested to use the program Сalc to reduce the complexity of processing multiple measurements. Based on the developmented method, the accuracy of the functions used in Calc is investigated. The functions of the specified program are selected, allowing you to program the algorithm for processing measurements. The structure of the algorithm is presented.

    Keywords: Metrological support, multiple measurements, processing of measurement results, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc

  • Software calculation of measurement uncertainty

    The article provides an overview of the software designed for the calculation of measurement uncertainty. A comparison of the main features and capabilities are performed. The information about the used analysis methods, the presence of informative support and the conditions of distribution and use of the software are presented.

    Keywords: uncertainty, measurement result, software, method of processing measurement results