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  • Automation of the process of selecting the optimal parameters of excavator hydraulic shears for cutting metal structures

    The article discusses a mathematical model of an excavator's hydraulic shears, which describes the functional dependencies of their main parameters based on regression statistics. An algorithm for the process of selecting optimal parameters for hydraulic shears used to destroy metal structures during the dismantling process is presented, and a description of the developed software application that automates the process of selecting these parameters is given. The application described in the article will reduce the time required for the design stage of excavator attachments.

    Keywords: attachments, hydraulic shears, dismantling, metal cutting, design, mathematical model, automation, selection of parameters, algorithm, program

  • Analysis and development of an emergency rescue tool

    The article considers the analysis of a manual mechanized tool for rescuing victims from rubble and traffic accidents. The statistics provided by the GUOBDD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia are given, where traffic accidents in Tyumen and the Tyumen region are displayed. The advantages and disadvantages of a mechanized rescue tool are described. A study was carried out on the modernization of rescue tools, a design for reverse sharpening of the cutting element of hand shears was proposed to prevent bending and jamming of the metal.

    Keywords: power tool, hand tool, emergency, traffic accident, research

  • Simulation of the hydraulic drive of the tail lift of a truck

    This paper presents the results of a study of the nature of lifting the tail lift of a truck with a hydraulic drive that supplies the working fluid to the cylinders in series for two positions of the center of gravity of the load on the lifting platform. A diagram of a hydraulic drive is presented, which supplies the working fluid to the hydraulic cylinders in series. Mathematical models describing the operation of the hydraulic drive are compiled according to the scheme. Simulation modeling was carried out using the MATLAB Simulink environment.

    Keywords: wheel tyre, suspension module, wheeled vehicle, MATLAB Simulink, mathematical model, modeling

  • Overview of structures and design of a mobile pellet production plant

    The article discusses the production and use of environmentally friendly fuel - pellets. A review of the designs of mobile pellet production plants was carried out, the advantages and disadvantages of these designs were identified. Potential consumers of pellets and equipment (heating boilers for which pellets are the fuel) are considered. A mobile complex for the production of pellets on the chassis of the MSN-10-004-03 . The technology of pellet production using a mobile mobile installation is described.

    Keywords: pellets, mobile plant, design, biofuels, production technology