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Research of the device for dissimilar energy sources integration


Research of the device for dissimilar energy sources integration

Chivenkov A.I., Sosnina E.N., Lipuzhin I.A.

Incoming article date: 15.09.2017

The authors solve the problem of effective use of energy sources of wind-diesel hybrid power stations for autonomous electric consumers. A new device connecting energy sources has been developed. Universal voltage converter (UVC) allows to connect both of AC and DC sources with a wide range of rated output voltages. UVC can be used as a part of smart grid or SCADA system. The UVC control system automatically determines the type of the connected power source and issues switching commands for consumer circuits. A 30 kVA UVC prototype was created. The article gives a UVC brief description and presents the results of the prototype research.

Keywords: renewable energy sources, wind-diesel hybrid power station, autonomous power supply system, efficiency increase, industrial control system, hybrid inverter, modified inverter, capacitive storage, universal converter, integration device