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  • Research of the device for dissimilar energy sources integration

    The authors solve the problem of effective use of energy sources of wind-diesel hybrid power stations for autonomous electric consumers. A new device connecting energy sources has been developed. Universal voltage converter (UVC) allows to connect both of AC and DC sources with a wide range of rated output voltages. UVC can be used as a part of smart grid or SCADA system. The UVC control system automatically determines the type of the connected power source and issues switching commands for consumer circuits. A 30 kVA UVC prototype was created. The article gives a UVC brief description and presents the results of the prototype research.

    Keywords: renewable energy sources, wind-diesel hybrid power station, autonomous power supply system, efficiency increase, industrial control system, hybrid inverter, modified inverter, capacitive storage, universal converter, integration device

  • Mini-CHP on SOFC choosing for agricultural enterprises power supply

    The article deals with mini-CHP based on solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) application for agricultural enterprises power supply which have biogas production possibility. Electrical energy from biogas production technology is shown. The mini-CHP on SOFC power choosing methodology is considered. Mini-CHP on SOFC power calculation was performed by the example of the dairy farming agricultural enterprise.

    Keywords: power supply, agricultural enterprise, mini-CHP on SOFC, biogas installation

  • Use of power stations on the basis of solid oxide fuel elements for increase of efficiency of functioning of electrotechnical complexes of the agricultural enterprises

    The question of increase of efficiency of functioning of electrotechnical complexes of the agricultural enterprises due to use of power stations on the basis of solid oxide fuel elements is considered. The system of generation turns on the modular electrochemical generator on solid oxide fuel elements. The system of accumulation consists of the capacitor store and batteries. It is developed system of interface makes the converter of distribution of currents with three raising DC/DC converters and algorithm of a control system for effective functioning at integration into the centralized power supply network.

    Keywords: electrotechnical complex of the agricultural enterprise, the power station on solid oxide fuel elements, the hybrid store of the electric power, the converter of distribution of currents, algorithm

  • Research of operational and technological parameters of power stations on renewable energy sources

    The comparative analysis of the key operational and technological parameters of modern power stations of a small-scale power generation is carried out (solar, wind, biogas, on fuel elements). On the basis of the carried-out analysis recommendations about a choice of type and power of power stations are formulated.

    Keywords: information database, power plants on renewable energy sources, comparative analysis

  • Prospects of introduction of hexagonal distributive electrical grids

    At the present time in most countries of the world are being actively developed and introduced intelligent technologies necessary for creation of reliable and effective intellectual energy systems. Intellectualization of distributive electrical grids will move energy system to a new level of automation. Evenly distributed electrical grid of hexagonal type was offered. The principle of creation a grids was described, a typical scheme of universal electrical load unit was proposed. The key advantages of the hexagonal network was reviewed. The estimation of the reduction of the level of losses during electricity transportation was made. The increase of the level of reliability, the factors affecting the probability of faultless work were determined. Evenly distributed grids of hexagonal type will build energy system based on Smart Grid and solve existing problems: lower quality of electricity, the shortcomings of the power reserves, high density of electrical loads and high energy losses. Project implementation should be carried out in stages: from pilot project to implementation in big cities.
    Work is executed with financial support of Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation (state contract №14.516.11.0104 from 14.10.2013).  

    Keywords: electricity, hexagonal grids, smart grids, distribution grids 10-20 kV, reliability of power supply

  • Ration of energy consumption of educational institutions by neural network approach

    The problems concerning the application of neural networks for solving the topical problem of rationing energy consumption educational institutions (EI). A scheme of the neural network approach for determination of the normative costs of electricity and heat EI. In the package Neurosolutions created neural network model of power and heat consumption of classical universities. Advantages of neural networks for solving the problem of rationing

    Keywords: standard consumption, energy consumption, educational institutions, artificial neural network