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  • Current regulation active harmonic distortion filter

    The article provides one of the possible ways to increase the efficiency of a device for suppressing harmonic distortions of a current of a power line by introducing a difference signal into the feedback loop proportional to the deviation of the voltage of the power line from a reference value. A simulation model of a power system with a device for suppressing harmonic current distortions has been developed, which makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the active filter for various parameters of the feedback loop. The oscillograms of currents in power lines are shown when a harmonic distortion device is connected. The results of the harmonic analysis of the voltage of the power line, showing a decrease in the level of voltage distortion when the active filter is connected to the power line, are presented.

    Keywords: current harmonic distortion, power line, simulation, active filter, Matlab / Simulink, nonlinear load, feedback, dynamic properties

  • Harmonic current suppression device

    The article describes a method for suppressing harmonic current distortion in a power line without direct measurement , to which a nonlinear load is connected, using a device, which not requiring a continuous current spectral analysis. The oscillograms of currents in the connection node of the device for suppressing higher harmonic currents, obtained as a result of simulation modeling of the operation of the power system with a nonlinear load and a Matlab / Simulink filter, are presented. A mathematical description of the proposed principle of suppressing the highest current harmonics is presented.

    Keywords: suppression device, harmonic distortion, simulation, power line, impedance, electromagnetic interferencer

  • Research of the device for dissimilar energy sources integration

    The authors solve the problem of effective use of energy sources of wind-diesel hybrid power stations for autonomous electric consumers. A new device connecting energy sources has been developed. Universal voltage converter (UVC) allows to connect both of AC and DC sources with a wide range of rated output voltages. UVC can be used as a part of smart grid or SCADA system. The UVC control system automatically determines the type of the connected power source and issues switching commands for consumer circuits. A 30 kVA UVC prototype was created. The article gives a UVC brief description and presents the results of the prototype research.

    Keywords: renewable energy sources, wind-diesel hybrid power station, autonomous power supply system, efficiency increase, industrial control system, hybrid inverter, modified inverter, capacitive storage, universal converter, integration device

  • The ratio of the input circuit parameters UPFC

    This article examines the processes occurring in the input circuits of a universal AC control system. The calculated ratio of the power flow control algorithms between networks, provided consumption given the current nature of any nature in the generation of power. The dependences of the calculated ratios.

    Keywords: a universal system of alternating current control; power flow control; vector diagram; Power network voltage inverter, active rectifier, capacitive drive.