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  • Harmonic current suppression device

    The article describes a method for suppressing harmonic current distortion in a power line without direct measurement , to which a nonlinear load is connected, using a device, which not requiring a continuous current spectral analysis. The oscillograms of currents in the connection node of the device for suppressing higher harmonic currents, obtained as a result of simulation modeling of the operation of the power system with a nonlinear load and a Matlab / Simulink filter, are presented. A mathematical description of the proposed principle of suppressing the highest current harmonics is presented.

    Keywords: suppression device, harmonic distortion, simulation, power line, impedance, electromagnetic interferencer

  • Research of the thyristor regulator of the booster voltage harmonic composition with longitudinal-transverse regulation of the output voltage

    The article is devoted to the study of the thyristor regulator of the booster voltage harmonic composition in the mode of longitudinal-transverse regulation. The results of the harmonic analysis of thyristor regulator output voltage , obtained using simulation in the Simulink package, are presented.

    Keywords: longitudinal-transverse regulation, thyristor regulator, regulating characteristics, modeling, harmonic analysis, Matlab Simulink

  • The procedure for diagnosing the status of electromechanical actuators for reactor plant control and protection systems

    The paper presents the development of a system for detecting the status of control and protection system drives (CPS) of a water-water power reactor by vibration signals using the frequency components method. Results of experimental researches at the "Izhorskiy Plant" PO are given. Spectral analysis is used to isolate the frequency ranges of the CPS diagnostic signal spectra, and to develop diagnostic standards. The work describes formation of reference diagnostic vectors (a set of diagnostic features in the form of a binary code) and their comparison with the current state. The developed standards formed the basis for the system of automatic recognition of the object state. The introduction of such a system will simplify the task of collecting, analyzing, comparing drives data during operation at nuclear power plants, as well as improving methods of testing and diagnosing CPS drives, which should positively affect the reliability and resource of equipment.

    Keywords: CPS drive, technical diagnostics, spectral analysis, diagnostic vector, state recognition

  • Diagnosis of leakage in the gate of electric drives by the entropy indicators of sound and ultrasonic signals

    The paper proposes a method for determining the leakage in the gate of an electric drive armature by sound and ultrasonic signals using the Shannon and approximation entropy indices. The results of equipment diagnostics in laboratory and industrial conditions are presented. The results indicate the possibility of using entropy indicators as sensitive diagnostic features.

    Keywords: electric drive armature, ultrasonic diagnostics, Shannon entropy, approximation entropy

  • Algorithmization of processing of diagnostic signals of electrodrive fittings taking into account chaotic components

    The problem of selection of diagnostic signs is solved by methods of statistical, spectral and entroic processing of signals and the logical analysis of their results. Results of data processing allowed to choose the most efficient characteristics (diagnostic signs) of signals providing separability of signals in the chosen priznakovy space i.e. classification. The problem of algorithmization of diagnostics of electrodrive fittings (further EPA) is solved as a problem of a pattern recognition of five classes of a condition of EPA on the basis of comparison of the current Boolean combinations to seven standards.

    Keywords: electrodrive fittings, spectral analysis, entropy of Shannon, permutation entropy, basic vector, pattern recognition

  • Calculation of the capacitance of the capacitor on the DC link active harmonic filter

    Block diagram of the active harmonic filter is considered.  State table inverter power switches active harmonic filter is considered. Calculated the capacitance on the DC link active harmonic filters. The calculation takes into account the power converter losses in the active harmonic filter.

    Keywords: active harmonic filter, distortion power, energy storage capacitor