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Harmonic current suppression device


Harmonic current suppression device

Vikhorev N.N., Chivenkov A.I., Aleshin D.A., Chernov E.A.

Incoming article date: 16.10.2018

The article describes a method for suppressing harmonic current distortion in a power line without direct measurement , to which a nonlinear load is connected, using a device, which not requiring a continuous current spectral analysis. The oscillograms of currents in the connection node of the device for suppressing higher harmonic currents, obtained as a result of simulation modeling of the operation of the power system with a nonlinear load and a Matlab / Simulink filter, are presented. A mathematical description of the proposed principle of suppressing the highest current harmonics is presented.

Keywords: suppression device, harmonic distortion, simulation, power line, impedance, electromagnetic interferencer