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Target distribution methods for vehicles in the group for warfare


Target distribution methods for vehicles in the group for warfare

Lazarev V.S., Chernogorov I.V., Polyakh V.V.

Incoming article date: 04.12.2017

In this paper, we describe three target distribution methods for vehicle group control. The purpose of the methods being developed is to increase the number of defenders who survived after the fight with the enemy. The first method introduces a priority system based on the distance to the robot, as well as the distance to the protected area. The second method is based on the application of the modified swarm particle method, and the third method is based on the evolutionary-genetic algorithm. To demonstrate the work of each method, software was developed in C # and Python. The performed simulation showed the effectiveness of each method developed. Sixty experiments were carried out, 3 parameters were evaluated in each experiment. The best results were achieved using a method based on the priority system.

Keywords: vehicle, group control, priority, target distribution, optimization, particle swarm optimization, evolutionary-genetic algorithm, heuristic method