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Membrane separation of helium from natural gas


Membrane separation of helium from natural gas

Gorbunov V.V., Perfilov V.A.

Incoming article date: 06.06.2021

This article analyzes the existing methods of obtaining helium at the oil and gas condensate fields of the Russian Federation. The prospects of using membrane technology for obtaining helium from natural gas are considered, based on a comparative assessment of the use of various methods of helium extraction. Taking into account the different permeability of methane and helium, the possibility of using different types of membrane installations for the production of helium is shown. As membrane elements, the greatest effect is obtained from the use of artificial polymer fibers of cellulose acetate, as well as quartz glass. These membrane materials have chemical resistance, including to acid gases that are present in the composition of natural gas, as well as high resistance to temperature amplitudes.

Keywords: helium, membrane technology, natural gas, gas condensate field, cellulose acetate polymer fibers