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  • Physical and mathematical sciences. Physics

  • Modern photon pair generation methods for single photon state formation based on usage of photonic-crystal fiber

    In the article managed photon pairs generation methods in lightguides with actively formed dispersion for producing a single-photon light state are discussed. Generation principle is based on of spontaneous parametric scattering or spontaneous fourwave mixing. To get the factored state, i.e. spectral and spatial correlations between daughter photons are eliminated, the usage of photonic crystal fiber, that allow to form complex frequency dispersion profiles by changing the fiber structure, is analyzed.

    Keywords: photonic-crystal fiber, quantum communications, femtosecond laser, actively formed dispersion, photon pairs, single-photon states

  • Analysis of effectiveness of laser processing of seeds spring-sown field of a grade of ""Irgin""

    Results of application of laser technology of processing of seeds of a spring-sown field are presented in article. Results of researches confirm positive influence of application of laser technology, selection of the optimum processing conditions of seeds of wheat therefore productivity of the processed wheat of a grade of "Irgin" increases is carried out.

    Keywords: intensive technology, use of the laser, mode of behavior, laser processing, efficiency, productivity, quality of products, radiation dose, experiment

  • Engineering calculation of induction water heaters

    Prospects of use of induction electroheating in agriculture are considered. The simplified method of calculation of a cylindrical induction water heater with an external magnetic conductor is received.

    Keywords: electroheating, induction heating, inductor, magnetic conductor, magnetic induction, design current of the inductor

  • Calibration of machines with numerical program control by means of a laser tracker of VINTAG

    Results of the performed works at calibration of the metal-cutting machine are given in article. The technology of performance of control is considered. The conclusion in which it is noted that laser trackers including the measuring Vintag vehicle produced by Faro firm, possess high efficiency of the solution of problems of calibration is made. Their software has an opportunity to carry out processing of results of measurements and preparation of reports directly on the platform of performance of work and to give results on the place. To provide the accuracy of measurements of the spatial coordinates of 0.005-0.01 mm at distances to 10000-15000 mm. All these characteristics allow to recommend to machine-building enterprises use of such and similar measuring cars for the solution of problems of calibration of metal-cutting machines.

    Keywords: Laser trekker, measurements, geometrical parameters, straightforwardness, perpendicularity, metrology, calibration, metrological characteristics

  • Hardware and software system on the basis of LabVIEW with use of the sound card of the computer

    The article discusses the possibility of using LabVIEW to interact with the computer's sound card to create a hardware-software complex of measurement to determine the parameters of the piezoceramic elements . The results of development and experimental research .

    Keywords: sound card, LabVIEW, hardware-software complex, piesoceramic element

  • Multilayer 1d-periodic absorbing structures in the optical range

    In the present work a new trends in the development of absorbent materials are described. The results of calculation of scattering and reflection patterns for multilayer structures are presented. Parameters of the structures with highest absorption are evaluated. Analysis of obtained theoretical calculations is presented.

    Keywords: resonance absorption, metamaterials, plasmons, nanophotonics, nanostructures, reflectance

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    In this paper we investigate the signal delay in interconnection based on carbon nanotubes. The analysis of the electrical parameters of the equivalent circuit interconnection and the dependence on the length of the delay of the signal beam nanotubes. Define a set of parameters that characterize the features of the functioning of the carbon nanotubes as interconnects. Compiled by the equivalent model of the interconnect based on carbon nanotubes and determined it electrically. Based on the functions of the signal at the output of the interconnect simulated signal delay in interconnection.

    Keywords: Nanotube, delay, signal interconnect circuitry

  • Research the influence of temperature on the properties piezomaterials

    Research the influence of temperature on some properties piezomaterials DTN system. The mathematical processing of the experimental results conducted. Determined analytical dependences for the purpose of creating a look-up table.

    Keywords: piezomaterial, temperature, analytical dependence

  • Oscillation of metal-vapor lasers with the transverse-type of electrical discharge and with a high repetition rate of pumping pulses

    The lasers working at mixture of helium and mercury vapors, and at mixture of neon and thallium vapors, in which the population inversion and laser oscillation are carried out on mercury ionic quantum transitions with the wavelengths of 615 nm and 794,5 nm, and on thallium ionic transitions with a wavelength of 594,9 nm and 695 nm are investigated.The conclusion is drawn about a similarity of pumping of ion quantum transitions of metals in the active media of ion gas discharge metal vapor lasers in plasma of transverse-type discharges: the hollow cathode discharge and a capacitive high-frequency discharge. The optimum discharge conditions from the point of view of obtaining the maximum laser output power have been experimentally found when using for pumping as transverse-type discharge with hollow cathode with high repetition rate of current pulses up to 100 kHz. The structure of 594,9 and 695nm thallium ionic laser lines caused by hyperfine and isotopic splitting of laser levels is investigated. The frequency intervals between components of 594,9nm laser line (45 GHz and 102 GHz) and of 695 nm line (35GHz) are measured

    Keywords: ion metal vapor laser, high-frequency discharge, hollow-cathode discharge with high repetition rate of current pulses, optimum conditions for laser oscillation

  • Investigation of electrophysical characteristics of solar panel using a computerized measuring stand

    In order to determine the prospects of the use of solar panels as a basis for the creation of the charger, you must know the several parameters: short circuit current, open circuit voltage, coefficient of efficiency and others. In this paper, these parameters are measured based on the results of research the current-voltage characteristics of the solar panels, resulting in an automatic mode with the use of a computer and a digital meter E7-20.

    Keywords: Solar cell, solar panel, solar battery, power source, charger, current-voltage characteristic, coefficient of efficiency, LCR meter

  • Device for measuring magnetic characteristics ferromagnetic materials at a volume stress state

    This article provides information about the device for measurement of physical quantities of ferromagnetic materials. Discussed in detail and clearly shows the structure of the device.

    Keywords: ferromagnetic materials, parameters, measuring device design, volumetric stressed state

  • The properties of nanosized powders of copper, stable water-soluble polymers in the process of obtaining

    The article presents a comparative analysis of nanopowders of copper obtained by electrolysis with the use of the stabilizer polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP). It is established that the properties of powders of copper determines PVP polymer film formed on the surface of nanoparticles

    Keywords: Nanopowders of copper, stabilization of particles, granulometric composition, differential thermal analysis, water-soluble polymer

  • Determination of elastic properties of biological layered medium based on nonlinear interaction of acoustic waves

    In work on the basis of one of the methods of nonlinear acoustics (method of successive approximations) is considered environment as a set of orthogonal plane layers. The analysis is conducted with the division generated total field into components parallel and orthogonal to the direction of its propagation. It is recognized as the primary distribution field distribution along the longitudinal direction with the introduction of the aperture factor and orthogonal to the introduction of the cross-aperture factor. It determines the range of changes of the parameters for biological environments in the case of the nonlinear interaction of acoustic waves in them.

    Keywords: nonlinear interaction, quadratic nonlinearity, different layered media, immersion method, transverse aperture factor.

  • The method of control parameters of acting focused ultrasonic fields on biological objects

    The article describes the method of controlling the parameters of the focused ultrasound field by means of the transition layer with desired acoustic characteristics. The article describes the experimental setup and the technological scheme. The description of the program and the formulas used for computer modeling. Presented and evaluated the results of experimental studies and computer modeling: the displacement of the focal point position on the width of the focal spot at the level of 0.707 of the maximum, location and the level of additional peaks. Summarizing the results of experimental setup and computer modeling can be concluded about the possibility of using the transition layer to control the formation of the focal spot.

    Keywords: Ultrasound, experimental assembly, layered medium, refraction, computer modelling, transition layer, parameter control, focused ultrasound

  • Photonic-crystal fiber structures modeling for efficient generation of controlled photon pairs

    Modern sources based on the usage of spontaneous four-wave mixing in photonic-crystal fibers generate photon pairs in wide wavelength range. Microstructured fibers allow actively managing frequency dispersion profile. In the design of different types of photonic-crystal fibers is necessary to research the influence of microstructure on fibers properties. Nowadays one of the most perspective solutions is numerical and program modeling. Paper presents modeling of photonic-crystal fiber structures to find optimal parameters of the nonlinear medium.

    Keywords: photonic-crystal fiber, modeling, photon pairs, single-photon states, spontaneous four-wave mixing

  • Synthesis and diagnostics of porous glass with gold particles

    In the present work the mesoporous transparent silica monolith with surface area of 650 m2/g was obtained by sol-gel method. Introduction of gold salt into reaction mixture allowed to form micro- and nanoparticles of gold in monolith's volume by rising the temperature. The obtained composite was stabilized by activation in air at 600 °C. It is an useful model for investigation of optical and catalytical properties of noble metal particles.

    Keywords: gold nanoparticles, sol-gel synthesis, porous glass

  • Technical science. Instrument making, metrology and information and measuring devices and systems

  • Information maintenance of ecological safety for geographically distributed systems of hazardous substances storage

    Paper deals with the analysis and synthesis of geographically distributed systems for storage of hazardous substances from the environmental safety position. Particular attention is paid to the information layer to ensure environmental safety (ES) of these systems, which operates on the results of the processing of regulatory documents, environmental monitoring data, analytical reports, etc. Its operation is based on a system of specialized automated workplaces (AWP), each of which generates a plurality of projections and calculations in order to provide ES, using information on three levels of detail: the physical, technological and logical. The structures of mathematical, informationtion, software and hardware provision of AWP are discussed. It is shown that the proposed AWP structure can be used in the design of the various systems for storage of hazardous substances and is aimed to provide ES in their operation.

    Keywords: geographically distributed storage systems, hazardous materials, environmental security, information maintenance, environmental specialists, workstation

  • Technical maintenance of ecological safety for geographically distributed systems of hazardous substances storage

    From the standpoint of environmental safety paper deals with the analysis and synthesis of geographically distributed systems for storage of hazardous substances. The main attention is paid to the technical maintenance of ecological safety of these systems which is determined by the layer of tool control system (TCS) in ecological situation monitoring channels, storage of hazardous substances and protection parameters of perimeter storage. Operation of TCS relies on the use of fiber-optic sensors based on fiber Bragg gratings in each of said channels and their methods of polyharmonic probing. Defined principles of joint measurement of temperature and pressure as the main storage options, optical absorption measurements of gas concentrations using remote multicomponent fiber optic infrared analyzer for monitoring the environmental situation are discussed. The information about the construction of storage areas perimeter security systems sensors are given. It is shown that the proposed TCS structure can be used in the design of the various systems of hazardous substances storage and is aimed at addressing issues of environmental safety in their operation.

    Keywords: geographically distributed storage systems, hazardous materials, environmental security, technical support, fiber Bragg grating, measurement of temperature and pressure, multi-fiber optical infrared gas analyzer

  • Technical science. Radio engineering and communication.

  • Frequency divider of a centimetric range

    The frequency divider for 8, operating in a range of input frequencies 8-18 GHz is considered. The function diagram is shown. The design and element base is described in short. The model and its experimental research is made. The technique and the block diagram of the experiment is described. Frequency dependence of transmission coefficient is measured. It is shown, that the frequency divider together with the two-cascade limiting amplifier has sensitivity minus 75 dBW, transmission coefficient is about 40 dB and nonuniformity of transmission coefficient is 1.64 dB. Level of the second and third harmonic of output signal is measured.

    Keywords: frequency divider, centimeter waves, microcircuit, experiment, amplitude-frequency characteristic

  • The joint use of mobile systems for the suppression of radio line of explosion control and satellite navigation equipment of consumers of GLONASS/GPS

    Experimentally investigated the influence of the interference signals of the radio-electronic complex of suppressing radio-controlled explosive devices on the performance of satellite navigation monitoring system. Mapped results of estimated calculations of the radius of suppression with the experimental values in conditions close to real. The conclusion about the need to take organizational measures and solving technical problems to improve the noise immunity of navigation equipment of consumers of GLONASS/GPS when it is used together with electronic systems to suppress the radio links control the explosion in the composition of the Board of special transport special units.

    Keywords: interference immunity, radio navigation equipment, suppression factor, assessing interference immunity, satellite navigation

  • Decimeter range mixer on a combination of transmission line

    The article considers the description of the design and construction of the Ultra high frequency mixer on a combination and slotted a microstrip transmission line. Presents the methodology and results of the experiment by analysis the amplitude characteristic. It is shown that the conversion loss equal to 9 dB, the dynamic range of not less than 60 dB, the upper limit of the linearity of the amplitude characteristic is 1mW.

    Keywords: mixer, Schottky barrier diodes, microstrip line, slotline, decimeter range, amplitude response, Ultra high frequency.

  • Passive optical and coaxial microwave structures with periodical heterogeneities: sensor technologies transfer

    The paper discusses passive microwave structures with periodical heterogeneites in the coaxial cable that are based on optical technologies transfer similar to the fiber Bragg structures. Among the considered: Bragg, long-period and chirped gratings, Fabry-Perot interferometer, couplers. Results and analysis of the main methods of coaxial Bragg microwave structures modeling, including the method of coupled modes and the method of directed graphs are described and discussed. Obtained spectral characteristics of these structures in their experimental implementation are presented. The main production technology of coaxial Bragg microwave structures and their impact on the specified spectral characteristics are defined. Embodiments of said microwave coaxial Bragg structures using in sensor applications are shown. In particular, we discuss the creation of mechanical strain, dielectric parameters of liquids and the level of liquid products sensors.

    Keywords: Bragg microwave structures on the coaxial cable, modeling, method of directed graphs, method of coupled modes, sensor applications, deformation, dielectric permittivity, level meter