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  • Reviews, suggestions and discussions

  • Automation of automatic control system transfer functions calculation using the non-canceling contour method

    When presenting modern automatic control systems in the form of structural diagrams, they become bulky and unreadable, and their study requires a large number of calculations that are difficult for humans. In addition, many students studying in the field of Automation of Technological Processes and Production do not understand modern methods of calculating the transfer functions of control systems. This article discusses a method for representing structural schemes in the form of oriented graphs, which greatly simplifies the readability of schemes, and also makes it possible to write algorithms for processing automatic control systems presented in the form of graphs. The article suggests algorithms for finding transfer functions written in the C # programming language, which can become the basis for their own program for researching self-propelled guns, as well as students to check the correctness of the found transfer function.

    Keywords: graph, digraph, theory of automatic control, automatic control system, transfer function

  • Physical and mathematical sciences. Physics

  • On the breaking of the covalent bonds of a kaolinite unit cell in a microwave field

    In this work a breaking of interatomic bonds of kaolinite unit cell under a microwave irradiation was studied. Using density functional theory method (DFT), free energy of the unit cell was computed: without an external field created by the microwave radiation, with the field along (100), and (010) and (001) directions of the unit cell. It was shown that unit cell free energy differences are several kJ/mol. Computational results are backed up by a band structure computation. The conlcution is that there is no bond breaking in the caolinite unit cell caused by the microwave irradiation.

    Keywords: kaolinite, microwave field, covalent bonds, discontinuity, ab inito, density functional theory, unit cell, free energy, electronic band structure, clay

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Simulink Simulation of Wheel Machine Center of Mass Oscillations

    The results of the study of fluctuations of the center of mass of the car UAZ "Hunter" during its movement on the support surface with different height of road irregularities: asphalt-concrete surface and off-road are given. The study uses Simulink simulation.

    Keywords: Center of mass fluctuations, vehicle, simulation, Simulink

  • Direction finder for ionospheric earthquake precursors

    Article is devoted to the creation of direction finders for bearing earthquakes ionospheric precursors. Structural diagrams of two direction finders variants are given, their advantages and disadvantages are shown. Algorithms for the direction finders functioning and selection of ionospheric precursors are developed.

    Keywords: radio direction finder, ionospheric earthquake precursor, signal selection, phased antenna array, wave, oscillation, phase, azimuth, angle of elevation

  • Modeling of computational processes of static and dynamic imbalance of a long inter-bearing rotor

    In modern technology, long inter-bearing rotors are widely used. These are augers with stiffer suspension - the propellers of rotor-screw machines. Screw augers - the working bodies of snowplows. The static and momentary imbalance of the support rotor in this case leads to a serious imbalance in the operation of all mechanisms. There is a need for vibration and noise reduction when operating machines equipped with long screw rotors. The basic rule in the design and calculation of long screw rotors is to ensure their balanced operation. The tasks of the presented surveys are the derivation of the equations of dynamics of long inter-bearing rotors in order to reduce vibration loads on their supports.

    Keywords: dynamics, long screw rotor, auger, vibration, balancing, balance, dynamics equations

  • The problem of determining the optimal fault-tolerance of distributed information processing systems

    In this article, in terms of the language queueing networks, the problem of finding the optimal values for average system response time for requests from all users for distributed information processing systems that are implemented based on the architecture "file-server", double-tier and three-tier architecture "client-server" at a fixed downtime cost, including the cost of idle users the value of the idle transmission channel, and the cost of downtime service nodes. An algorithm for solving this optimization problem is presented.

    Keywords: Distributed information processing system, file-server architecture, two-level client-server architecture, three-level client-server architecture, state space, average system response time, loss cost, stationary probabilities

  • Conveyor device for automation of production processes

    The description of the conveyor device intended for transportation of easily damaged goods is presented. A special feature of the device used is a conveyor belt containing ferromagnetic rods. Moving the conveyor belt and fixing the element on the conveyor belt is determined by the location of the coils on the frame and the speed of switching the voltage supplied to these coils.

    Keywords: conveyor devices, the device is easy to damage the conveyer belt, the ferromagnetic cores of electromagnetic coils

  • Mathematical models of hypnosis of robots

    The article introduces the definition of robot hypnosis and the definition of a hypnotist robot, as well as the determination of the suggestibility coefficients of a robot; mathematical models and the algorithm of the hypnotic state of robots based on the mathematical theory of emotional robots are given; ways to ensure the safety of robots for humans and personal devotion of the robot to a particular person are proposed. Both methods are based on the proposed hypnosis models.

    Keywords: robot, hypnosis, emotional education of the robot, a group of robots, the subconscious of the robot, mathematical models, robot safety, personal devotion of the robot

  • Prediction of volumes of the Customs payments with the use of dummy variables

    The articlegives an econometric analysis of the volume of the Customs payments for imports of the group 25 “Salt; sulfur; soils and stone; plaster materials, lime and cement” of the Customs Nomenclatureof the foreign trade activities of EAEU, the Customs declaration of which is carried out in the region of the Rostov Customs office operation. For the purpose of forecasting, a multiplicative model of the series is constructed based on monthly data from 01.01.2017 to 31.10.2019. The apparatus of fictitious variables is used to obtain the trend equation. A forecast is made on the basis of the received model.

    Keywords: import, Customs payments, econometric model, trend, seasonal component, fictitious variables, multiplicative model, forecast

  • Method of sequential modeling of thermal processes for control systems equipment: research prospects

    The article is an overview of the problem of providing the thermal regime of radio-electronic equipment of launch vehicles and describes the need to develop a method of resource-intensive (from the point of view of computing resources) and accurate assessment of the thermal regime of radio-electronic equipment. The method involves the use of the finite element method and is a sequential use of the software packages "ANSYS" and "ASONIKA-TM" for calculating the temperature field that occurs during operation of the device

    Keywords: Thermal processes, heat exchange, control system, launch vehicle, finite element method, FEM, ANSIS, ASONIKA-TM, radio-electronic equipment, REA, electro-radio products, ERI

  • Promising solutions for the use of crushed stone in industry

    The purpose of research is to form a knowledge base in the field of creating advanced technical solutions for the use of crushed stone in various industries, as well as for the synthesis of new technical solutions. As such solutions, the solutions are considered, which are considered in patents for inventions and utility models of Russia, published in recent years. To achieve this goal, a system analysis method was used, performed according to the results of a patent information search. As a result of the work carried out, the classification of the main areas of patenting in this area was carried out, information was collected and systematized to form knowledge bases for the synthesis of new technical solutions

    Keywords: high-strength concrete, road surface, patent, industry, road construction, crushed stone

  • Synthesis of a neural network model for predicting thermal processes of power cable insulating materials

    The article is devoted to research of thermofluctuation processes of insulating materials of power cable lines (SCR) of electric power systems. It was established that an artificial neural network (ANN) can be used to compile a forecast of the temperature regime of a current-carrying core with an accuracy of 2.5% of the actual value of the core temperature. The comparison of the predicted values ​​with the actual ones allows us to talk about the adequacy of the selected network model and its applicability in practice for reliable operation of the cable system of power supply to consumers. The development of an intelligent system for predicting the temperature of the core SCR contributes to the planning of the operating modes of the power grid in order to increase the reliability and energy efficiency of their interaction with the integrated power system.

    Keywords: Neural networks, thermofluctuation processes, insulation materials, neural network architecture

  • Method for assessing the survivability of information technology objects in relation to software and hardware effects

    The article presents a method for quantifying the survivability of information technology objects, in relation to the means of software and hardware impact, including those based on assessing the ratio of direct and indirect risks, the ratio of the probability of catastrophic failures for a damaged and intact system. The necessity of increasing the survivability of information technology facilities to ensure security in the global cyberspace is grounded. It is also necessary to note that to ensure the required level of integrated survivability of an information technology object, it is necessary to protect them from software and hardware impacts in the global cyberspace. Information-technical objects with high cyber-defiance are gradually destroyed, while maintaining limited performance (combat capability with respect to military systems). This allows you to take protective measures, thereby reducing the effects of exposure mainly to primary damage from damage to the elements of an information technology object. Information and technical objects with low survivability are destroyed sharply and catastrophically, which is accompanied by significant secondary and cascade destruction, which are disproportionate (disproportionate) initiating software and hardware effects.

    Keywords: survivability, information technology objects, the infosphere, cyber defensiveness, cybernetic weapons, software and hardware effects, the technosphere

  • Modeling of the stress-strain condition of a cable-stayed span of a structure that support the gas line

    The article presents a description of the computational model and the results of modeling the stress-strain condition of cable-stayed structures. The calculations are performed in a geometrically nonlinear formulation.

    Keywords: stress-strain condition, cable-stayed structure, geometric nonlinearity, flexible cable system, spatial framed system

  • Development of an authentication method to ensure informational secrecy of the low-orbit constellation of spacecraft

    The use of spacecraft identification systems can increase the informational secrecy of low-orbit spacecraft constellations. However, existing methods of recognizing "friend or foe" do not provide high cryptographic strength, and authentication protocols with zero disclosure are time-consuming. This drawback can be eliminated through the use of Polynomial Residue Number Systems (PRNS) that allows parallel computing in the protocol. Therefore, the development of a high-speed authentication protocol with zero disclosure is an urgent task. The purpose of the work is to reduce the time required to calculate the status of the satellite through the use of PRNS

    Keywords: authentication method, spacecraft authentication protocol, Polynomial Residue Number Systems

  • Generating and modeling 2D terrain from control values using Unity in the c# programming language

    When solving some complex physical problems, it is necessary to take into account the nuances of the environment, for example, calculating the trajectory of the barrel or wheel rolling down hilly terrain. Generating a slide that passes through control points and obeys certain requirements, followed by visualization, is the topic of this article.

    Keywords: unity, 2D, visual modeling, landscape, Lagrange interpolation polynomial

  • Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of various types of overhead natural lighting systems in public and industrial buildings

    The article deals with the comparative analysis of traditional and new types of lighting systems in multistory public and industrial buildings. The analysis is being conducted with use of some specific objective and subjected criteria. These include a number of design characteristics of the systems in question – from an overall cost of the installation to the psychological contact with the outdoor environment. It is noted, that the main characteristic of a human activity is productivity and this depends upon the working conductions, which are evaluated on the basis of subjective appraisal. The best solution of the system of natural lighting, according to the number of criteria considered, which matches the above requirements is the system of lighting wells, combined with the windows.

    Keywords: the system of roof natural lighting, objective and subjective appraisal, comfort of indoor environment, evaluation criteria, public and industrial buildings

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    The article provides an improved numerical method for solving a forest road network automated planning problem. Method based on a graph mathematical model with a reduction to the Steiner tree problem. The original model is formulated as a linear programming stream problem and is supplemented by taking into account the existing transport network as an addition Steiner vertex. The results of testing the method suggest significant reduction in the running time for big data without considerable quality loss.

    Keywords: wood harvesting, forest road network, graph theory, optimization, Steiner problem in graphs, linear programming, local search

  • Applying inventory management methods to justify the frequency and volume of information backup

    The main approaches to the choice of methods of information backup and justification of the volume and frequency of copying are justified. Probabilistic – based on the time of critical changes in information and analog – based on the mathematical apparatus of inventory management problems-based on the total cost of copying and storing information

    Keywords: backup, copying methods, frequency of copying, relevance of information, inventory management tasks

  • Analysis of automation systems for educational and methodological activities according to the criterion of functional completeness

    The article provides a comparative analysis of information systems for the computer-aided formation of educational and methodological support of a university according to the criterion of functional completeness. The analysis made it possible to systematize information on the functional completeness of software, to rank existing systems by the criterion of functional completeness, and to identify groups of similar systems. The effectiveness of the integration of educational and methodological information systems was studied to minimize the labor costs of university teachers.

    Keywords: university, educational-methodical software, comparative assessment, functional completeness, automation, integration

  • Some problems of the aerodrome automatic direction finders accuracy characteristics checking

    The paper is devoted to the problems of the aerodrome automatic direction finders accuracy characteristics checking. Disadvantages of the existing methods are shown. Recommendations to eliminate shortcomings are given, in particular it is proposed to take into account the orthodromic corrections to the measured values of the bearings during the flight tests.

    Keywords: radio direction finder, flight tests, orthodromic correction, instrumental error

  • Technical science. Building and architecture