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  • Development and research of a parametric profiler for the study of layered structure

    The possibility of using nonlinear effects in hydroacoustic systems with parametric radiation mode for profiling the bottom and bottom sediments attracts the attention of both domestic and foreign specialists. The use of parametric antennas in hydroacoustic equipment allows, due to their high directivity and low side field level, to increase the information content and accuracy in detecting and determining the coordinates of underwater objects, and to obtain additional features for recognition. The efficiency of using a parametric profiler for solving problems that require high resolution is justified. A block diagram of a parametric profiler for studying the layered structure is developed. The features of the signal generator and the amplification unit are considered. The characteristics of the radiating antenna were measured under laboratory conditions. It is shown that the directivity characteristic is constant in the operating frequency range and the acoustic power at the output makes it possible to solve the tasks of sounding up to 10 m into the ground. A record of the soil profile was obtained, confirming the operability of the system. In the future, the results will be used in full-scale conditions with the use of cepstral echo processing.

    Keywords: profilograph, parametric antenna, kepstr, block diagram, signal generator, power amplifier, directional pattern, amplitude-frequency response, pump antenna, ground profile

  • Experimental evaluation of the influence of external elements on the frequency dependence of the complex resistance module of an acoustic antenna

    The use of a separate receiving antenna at different frequencies in parametric acoustic systems is associated with the irreversibility of nonlinear processes underlying its principle of operation. The paper considers the results of experimental and theoretical studies to assess the influence of external elements on the amplitude-frequency response of a piezoceramic acoustic antenna. The structural scheme of the experimental setup is considered. It is shown that parallel connection of an external inductance to a piezoelectric element allows shifting the antiresonance frequency of an acoustic antenna, which leads to an increase in both the signal amplitude at the antenna output and an increase in the complex resistance module at the operating frequency.

    Keywords: acoustic antenna, the sensitivity of the receiving antenna, the amplitude-frequency characteristic, the modulus of the complex resistance

  • Some features of the ecological situation of The Miussky estuary

    The ecological state of the Miussky estuary – the most important water object from the point of view of reproduction and cultivation of the fish which is territorially located in an ancient mouth of the channel of the river Mius and connected with Taganrog Bay of the Azov sea is considered. The uniqueness of the water body lies in the fact that the natural waters of The Mius estuary make up the flow of the river Mius mixed with the sea waters of the Taganrog Bay, especially during periods of strong upland phenomena caused by weather conditions. The data of hydrochemical monitoring for 2016-2018 are used for the assessment, the dynamics of water quality changes according to the UKIZV index is considered and the component-by-component analysis of the concentrations of indicators that have the greatest impact on the negative ecological state of the water body is carried out.

    Keywords: MPC, Miusskaya estuary, water quality, UKIZV, aluminum, Fe, petroleum products (PP)

  • Estimation of the influence of copper content in natural water in the area of water intakes of the city of Taganrog and the Taganrog Gulf of the Azov Sea on human health

    The assessment of the effect of copper content in natural water on human health in the water intake areas of the city of Taganrog is considered. The assessment uses the data of hydrochemical monitoring for 2006-2016, examines the dynamics of changes in copper concentrations in water and bottom sediments, the effect of both deficiency and excess element in the body on human health. A comparative analysis of the dependence of the mortality of the population due to cardiovascular diseases on the concentration of copper in natural water is carried out.

    Keywords: water quality, MPC, UKIZV, copper, health, cardiovascular diseases, mortality

  • The effect of increasing the concentration of aluminum on the ecological state of the Azov Sea

    The estimation of the modern ecological state of the Azov Sea is considered. For evaluation, a specific combinatorial water pollution index is used, an element is revealed, a sharp increase in the annual average concentrations of which leads to a negative effect on the ecological state. The influence of elevated aluminum concentrations in natural water and environmental degradation on human health is assessed.

    Keywords: Maximum allowable concentration (MPC), specific combinatory index of water pollution (UKIZV), water quality, aluminum, human health, neurotoxin, Azov Sea

  • The influence of seasonal wind-effected phenomena on the ecological state of the Gulf of Taganrog of the Azov sea

    Examines the influence of seasonal wind-effected phenomena on the ecological state of the Gulf of Taganrog of the Azov sea. The evaluation uses specific combinatorial index of water pollution, examines the dynamics of the concentrations of indicators such as dissolved oxygen, salinity, copper, phosphate, affecting the environmental condition. The description of the hydrological and meteorological characteristics specific to the Gulf of Taganrog, forming a unique ecological environment for aquatic life. The analysis of the dynamics of the concentrations of indicators and draws conclusions about their seasonal surge phenomena

    Keywords: surge phenomena, wind direction, MAC, SCIVP, water quality, dissolved oxygen, salinity, copper, phosphates

  • Assessment of the impact of natural water quality in areas of water intakes of the city of Taganrog on the cardiovascular disease population

    Examines the impact of natural water quality in areas of water intakes of the city of Taganrog. The evaluation uses specific combinatorial index of water pollution, deals with the dynamics of the main polluting substances in the area of water intakes and their impact on cardiovascular disease of the population. A comparative analysis of the dynamics of pollutants in natural water and the dynamics of mortality from cardiovascular diseases and the dynamics of primary morbidity, defined pollutants that have the most negative impact on the statistics of cardiovascular diseases, recommendations for prevention of these diseases

    Keywords: MAC, SCIVP, water quality, IVP, critical indicators of water pollution, copper, manganese, water quality, heart, circulatory system

  • By the impact of pollution of water bodies Black Sea region of polychlorinated aromatic compounds on HEALTH

    "The paper analyzes the influence of water pollution Azov-Black Sea water basin polychlorinated aromatic compounds (PAC) on health. The literature and reference material on the conditions of formation of ecologically particularly dangerous polychlorinated compounds (dioxins, furans and biphenyls) and their pathways in the environment - air, natural water, soil, sediments and various tissues of biological organisms (including humans). The types and characteristics of PAS effects on living organisms. The analysis allows to see the additional impact of complex human influence adversely affects the morbidity of the population under the influence of mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic effects of polychlorinated compounds. Recommendations to address environmental health and reduce the risk of dangerous diseases and preservation of the gene pool of humanity."

    Keywords: anthropogenic load, Azov-Black Sea water pool, toxicology, polychlorinated aromatic compounds (PAC), dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic properties, preventive measures

  • The question of hygiene assessment organochlorines in drinking water

    In the absence experimentally confirmed data that chloroform in the water after boiling or sedimentation does not disappear, and only switches to other chemical compounds obvious usefulness boiled, and preferably a distance not less than 6 and not more than 24 hours the water to reduce the negative effect chloroform. The study of drinking water quality on the content of chloroform in water treatment soobruzheny distribution network, monitor the change in the concentration of chloroform as a result of sedimentation and boiling, as well as methods of dealing with organic chlorine compounds in drinking water. The objective of the exclusion of the possibility of formation of organochlorine compounds in drinking water can be achieved most effectively through: reduction of organic compounds in source water due to its pre-cleaning before putting chlorine in it; exclusion from the scheme of drinking water chlorine and chlorine-containing agents.

    Keywords: chlororganic compound, chloroform, drinking-water, disinfection of drinking-water

  • Assessment of manganese content in natural water on human health catchment Taganrog

    The estimation of water quality in the catchment of the city of Taganrog. To estimate the proportion used combinatorial index of water pollution (UKIZV), consider the dynamics of the main pollutants in the water intake area.

    Keywords: MPC, UKIZV, water quality, WPI, critical indicators of water pollution, sulphates

  • On the question of the influence of water bodies in the basin of the river Kuban growing problem of iodine deficiency

    The paper analyzes the influence of anthropogenic and climatic factors and changes in aquatic ecosystems Kuban basin on the growing problem of iodine deficiency. The analysis allows to see that the additional impact of complex human influence adversely affects the incidence of thyroid disease population zhelezy.Predstavleny recommendations for addressing environmental health and reduce the risk of iodine deficiency disorders.

    Keywords: anthropogenic load, Pool Kuban River, iodine deficiency disorders, goitrogenic effect preventive measures.

  • Ecological forecasting of water pollution Heavy metal

    Long found a direct link between the quality of drinking water and human longevity. Heavy metals getting into our bodies remain there forever, you can get them only with the help of milk proteins and porcini mushrooms. They poison human body, they are also mechanically clog it - heavy metal ions deposited on the walls of the body and thinnest systems clog channels kidney, liver channels, thereby reducing the filtration capacity of these organs. Accordingly, this leads to an accumulation of toxins and waste products of cells of our body, i.e. self-poisoning organism. Ecological forecasting is based on a miscalculation of the possible future behavior of natural systems under the influence of both natural processes and anthropogenic factors. It is therefore advisable during environmental monitoring use spatial modeling of pollutants in the aquatic environment, which will allow to visualize the distribution of pollutants and to reveal the dynamics of pollution. The results of modeling the distribution of pollutants into waters of the Gulf of Taganrog.

    Keywords: Ecological forecasting, environmental monitoring, drinking water, heavy metals.

  • Valuation quality of water by hydrochemical indicators in water intakes places of Taganrog.

    The main contence of this article is a valuation quality of water in water intakes places of Taganrog. A specific combinatory index of pollution of water is used for valuation quality. In this article is considered dynamics of the main polluting substances around water intakes.

    Keywords: maximum permissible concentration specific, combinatory index of water pollution, quality of water, critical indicators ofwater pollution, sulfates

  • Analysis of the causes of water pollution of Taganrog Bay with oil products

    The article discusses the possible causes of pollution of Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea with oil products for the period 2008-2013. The key factors of pollution were highlighted. Effects of navigation for cotion was evaluated by navigation intensity. Effect of wastewater was evaluated by the number of oil products which fall from municipal drains and wastewater from industrial plants. The data processing of the federal statistical reporting on the influence of the main contamination factors was carried out.

    Keywords: oil products, water pollution, average annual concentrations

  • Simulation model of silica biosensors for environmental studies

    The urgency and feasibility of application of biosensors with active biological layer for environmental studies was justified. A study of biosensors of various configurations to build a test system of environmental pollution control and determine the degree of aquatic toxicity was conducted. A simulation model of biosensor system was built. The selectivity of the biosensor was determined by theoretical experiments in which the analytical signal of the biosensor for biologically active layer without other biologically active substances was determined. The relationship between the type of transducer and biologically active substance was revealed. The software implementation of bisensor system was developed that reveals a number of pollutants and allows using not only different converters, but also different strains.

    Keywords: biosensor, strain, quartz crystal, simulation model, environmental studies, pollutants, toxicity, sensitivity