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  • Modeling of the work of piles in realization of soil subsidence

    In the article there are results of modeling of the work of steel concrete screw and drilling piles interacting with the soil massif . For the purpose of modeling the mathematical apparatus of finite element method was used in realization of the license certified program complex Lira- soft v.10.6. The process of modeling of the subsidence is described. There is a presentation of three options of interaction of soil and piles. Draft magnitudes of single piles from external load and from negative friction forces are found.

    Keywords: Steel concrete screw pile, drilling pile, soil massif, subsidence, Lira-soft, draft, deformations, movements, tensions

  • Socio-philosophical problem of the modern lifestyle

    A problem characterizing dynamics of social development is discussed in this article. The problem is the modern lifestyle. An ability to adapt to changes in the surrounding world, interacting with him is very important for the existence of any living organism. In connection with the ongoing high-quality socio-cultural changes the problem of the lifestyle is becoming challenging in modern world. The category «lifestyle» is revealed as a comprehensive characteristic of human activity in today's evolving institutional transformation. The aim of the research is to study the problem of living in the modern world from the standpoint of social philosophy. The reasons for increased attention to the problem of lifestyle, the content of the category «lifestyle», the relationship category «lifestyle» with the spheres of social life, actualize the transition to healthy lifestyles and the need to create a culture of health of the person are studied. Lifestyle is analyzed as a complex integrative characteristic of human activity, reflecting the balance of the individual interactions in the system – the world around us. The ability to implement healthy lifestyle and enhancing vital resources affects the success of the person’s life. The necessity of developing the concept of «lifestyle» is settled, as well as options with the greatest impact on the lifestyle of modern man. In conclusion the need to strengthen the social health of society as a whole, creating a culture of health in order to optimize the interaction with the environment is pointed out.

    Keywords: lifestyle, healthy lifestyle, health culture, social health, social environment, social philosophy

  • The electronic information human environment: security issues

    The article is devoted to providing information and psychological human security in the electronic information environment. The problems of man and society that arise in the new information environment and socio- psychological consequences affecting the psycho-emotional health are considered. Inclusion of human rights into the information environment eliminates the traditional values and characteristics of identity and socialization. The paper shows how the electronic information environment transforms the individual and social levels of personal identity, besides, it is noted that the problem of information-psychological security in today's society deals with, especially, young people, as they engage cognitive, communicative, and gaming information communication networks more than others. The phenomenon of Internet addictive behaviors, virtual escapism are discussed in detail. The article discusses the possible models of psychological help for overcoming the negative consequences of the electronic information environment, besides, it describes the psychological support systems that take into account the problem of forming metaobjective and personal competencies. Psychological support, the introduction of additional education in the field of personal information culture, examination of educational and training programs and other measures will help maintain mental health in the electronic information environment.

    Keywords: the electronic information environment, identity, the information and psychological security.

  • Alternative method of legal conflicts resolution into the civil society

    The article deals with the problem of the human and citizen security carried by the state through the guarantee of rights and freedoms in modern civil society, which has an inherent capacity to exercise the constitutional right to judicial protection, including using alternative procedures for legal conflicts resolution. An overview of the legal conflict as a special kind of social conflict is given. Alternative, more flexible and discretionary conflict resolution practices, which allow developing the most correct solution, are suggested. Using mediation ensures benefits for both sides: promotes partnerships, formation of legal culture and peaceful conflict resolution independent participants of civil turnover. Manifestations of inertia and resistance to even the institution of mediation in the minds of citizens are considered.

    Keywords: a civil society, the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, a legal conflict, mediation.

  • Finite element analysis of the applicability of the applied theories of calculation of piezoelectric device of energy storage of stack configuration

    This paper considers basic element of device of energy storage which is a piezoelectric generator (PEG) of cylindrical form with the attached inertial mass. A finite element modeling of the device operation is carried out during active load in the external circuit. The main purpose of the operation is to compare the output potential and frequency characteristics of the device known in the literature models of systems with concentrated parameters. On the basis of these models, we can receive the analytical dependence of parameters of PEG with its geometric characteristics and mechanical properties of the used materials. However, the question of the range of applicability of these formulas is still open. In this paper, based on the numerical analysis of finite element models of PEG in package ANSYS, we obtained comparison with the analytical formulas that show the values of some parameters of simplified models and set the boundaries of their applicability.

    Keywords: energy storage, PEG, piezoceramics, effective mass, resonant frequency, FEM

  • Mathematical model of straining of orthotropic conical shells

    The article presents a mathematical model of deformation of thin-walled conical shells, considering orthotropic material, geometric nonlinearity and transverse shear. Showing geometric relationships, physical relationships, the functional of total energy of deformation and boundary conditions.

    Keywords: conical shell, tapered panel, mathematical model, geometric nonlinearity, orthotropic, lateral shifts

  • Ultrasonic examination technology of nuclear reactor’s industrial pipelines

    Acoustic system parameters were selected and calculated: wave modes used when controlling, wave entry and frequency angles according to kind of decay process and ultrasonic attenuation. Control procedure was developed

    Keywords: ultrozvuk, frequency, attenuation process, technology, acoustic system

  • The experimental research the passage of the ultrasonic beam through charging the layered structure

    This paper shows the results of the experimental research the passage of the ultrasonic beam through modifiable layered structure in order to obtain data on changes in levels of pressure in the front slice of the acoustic field. This paper presents the spatial distribution characteristics of the acoustic field after passing the various layers in the liquid. Celebrated not only offset the propagation path, but also change the chart pressure in the front slice on the amplitude level , the width of the chart, the position of the lateral lobe and its amplitude.

    Keywords: Ultrasound, layered medium, experimental assembly, refraction.

  • The physicochemical analysis NH4NO3 – KNO3 – Н2О system at 25 degree C

    In the article are introduced research results of physicochemical properties of ammonium nitrate – potassium nitrate water system at 25o C. The literary source analysis is performed that no clear opinion about solid phases composition. The different composition double salts, solid solution and eutectics are identifies. Appeal is specifies a look and properties of formed structures. Methods of differential thermal analysis and X-ray diffraction have been establishing that the equilibrium solid phase of the studied system represents two types of solid solutions. A first type based on the III phase of ammonium nitrate crystal latitude (at the content of nitrate of potassium to 20 %) and a second type based on the potassium nitrate rhombic syngony (at the content of nitrate of potassium more than 80 %). Crystal cells parameters of being formed phases submit to the Vegard rule. The ammonium nitrate sample (at the content of nitrate of potassium more than 12 %) keeps phase stability at the temperature range minus 50 to plus 100о С. Burst in components miscibility at the potassium nitrate concentration range 30 to 80 % is observed.

    Keywords: ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, differential thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction, cocrystallization, solid solution

  • Calculation of strength of structures under breakaway

    Discusses the calculation of stress-strain State of glued structural sheathing to the test to determine the calibration of the test stand

    Keywords: Finite elements method, Stress concentration, Skin, Test, Prediction.

  • The study inhomogeneous waves near the boundaries of media

    We study the problems in the propagation of acoustic waves of a sound range near the boundaries of media. The features of the wave processes occurring at the water-air interface, due to the influence of inhomogeneous waves. Considered in detail the properties and parameters of an inhomogeneous plane wave. The mathematical calculations of the transmission coefficients L.M. Brekhovskikh for spherical and cylindrical waves through this boundary, allowing to take into account the contribution of inhomogeneous components. It is shown that than the frequency of radiation of a source is lower and the closer it is located to water-air interface, the acoustic transparency of this border is higher. Study of the dependence of the transmission coefficient of the water-air interface at low frequencies can have important consequences in a number of fundamental and applied problems. Increase the transparency of the interface requires a reassessment of the feasibility of acoustic communication from water in the air, the detection of underwater sources without dipping into the water and acoustic monitoring of the physical processes occurring in the water.

    Keywords: Inhomogeneous plane wave, water-air interface, transmission coefficient, wavelength, spherical wave, acoustic impedance.

  • Hybrid reverberation algorithm

    A hybrid reverberation algorithm is offered in this article. This algorithm is using both a convolution section in which a convolution with an inmpulse response of a real acoustic room is being implied and a mathematical reverb model. Also an algorithm for generating impulse responses of optional rooms is also offered in the following article. The algorithm efficiency calculation is  specified in the article. Thia reverberation algorithm is a part of a bigger complez auralization algorithm where it is being used coherently with an HRTF-based algorithm in order to simulate a real acoustic environment  

    Keywords: artificial reverb, room simulation, convolution algorithm, impulse response convolution, impulse response synthesis, dynamic convolution, complex filtering

  • Features of mm communications systems design

    The problems of mm propagation: rain attenuation,  depolarization and gaseous absorption are considered, and the estimate of the energy potential of wireless mobile data transport networks is given. The dependence on the output power of the distance and the total losses, and the necessary signal levels for different types of modulation being shown.  The estimate of the interfering transmitters effect of side lobes of the antenna is given.  

    Keywords: radio wave propagation, mm range, energy potential, rain clutter, side lobes, polar pattern

  • Evaluation of geological hazards and risks of the Eastern Donbass agglomeration

    To the East Donbass agglomeration has developed thematic maps of subsiding soils, indicating their capacity, groundwater levels, surface subsidence above mining, landslide and erosion hazards. Sources of information were the materials of the geological surveys, maps and literature data, and numerical modeling. For the purposes of industrial and civil construction built the final map of the cumulative effects of geological hazards.

    Keywords: geological hazard, modeling, geofiltration,subsidence, landslides, erosion, underflooding, agglomeration.

  • Complex assessment of geological hazards of the territories of Rostov region

    To the Volgodon settlement-system has developed thematic maps of subsiding soils, indicating their capacity, groundwater levels, landslide and erosion hazards. Sources of information were the materials of the geological surveys, remote sensing of the Earth and local geological maps . Application of GIS-technologies and numerical geofiltration has significantly increased the quality of the results. On the basis of the results, has developed a comprehensive map of geological hazards.

    Keywords: geological hazard, modeling, geofiltration, subsidence, landslides, erosion, underflooding, remote sensing