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  • Physico-chemical aspects of the formation of multicomponent solid solutions in an inhomogeneous thermal field

    The theoretical aspects of crystallization of multicomponent solid solutions are discussed. Antimonoid heterosystems in which bismuth is present are considered, a component that largely determines the photoelectric properties of the studied materials. The features of establishing the equilibrium of the liquid and solid phases in the process of crystallization of these systems are considered. The laws of the thermodynamic behavior of heterosystems in the conditions of gradient liquid-phase epitaxy are established. The results of experimental studies on the growth of solid solutions of multicomponent bismuthides on InSb substrates are presented.

    Keywords: solid solutions, migrating liquid phase, indium antimonide arsenide, gallium bismuthide, binary pair, recrystallization, quasicrystalline structure

  • Automation of calculation of indexes construction works by using "TotalExpert: Analytics"

    The article is devoted to resolving issues that arise when planning capital investments in the "Gazpromneft" PJSC Exploration and Production Block. The basic concepts of indices in cost engineering are disclosed. The article presents the prerequisites for the development of construction and installation indexes for the oil and gas industry. An example of calculating indices is presented, as well as factors that affect these calculations. A review of the automated index calculation process is made. The advantages of automation of this process are revealed. The advantages of calculating indices using the resource-technological model are determined. It also examines the use of construction and installation indices for the oil and gas industry based on the TotalExpert: Analytics program at the "Gazpromneft" subsidiary. There is a detailed analysis of this software and a description of working with it.

    Keywords: indices, installation and construction works, automation, resource-technological model

  • Simulink Simulation of Wheel Machine Center of Mass Oscillations

    The results of the study of fluctuations of the center of mass of the car UAZ "Hunter" during its movement on the support surface with different height of road irregularities: asphalt-concrete surface and off-road are given. The study uses Simulink simulation.

    Keywords: Center of mass fluctuations, vehicle, simulation, Simulink

  • Synthesis of a neural network model for predicting thermal processes of power cable insulating materials

    The article is devoted to research of thermofluctuation processes of insulating materials of power cable lines (SCR) of electric power systems. It was established that an artificial neural network (ANN) can be used to compile a forecast of the temperature regime of a current-carrying core with an accuracy of 2.5% of the actual value of the core temperature. The comparison of the predicted values ​​with the actual ones allows us to talk about the adequacy of the selected network model and its applicability in practice for reliable operation of the cable system of power supply to consumers. The development of an intelligent system for predicting the temperature of the core SCR contributes to the planning of the operating modes of the power grid in order to increase the reliability and energy efficiency of their interaction with the integrated power system.

    Keywords: Neural networks, thermofluctuation processes, insulation materials, neural network architecture

  • Analysis of the object-oriented paradigm implementation in the open source projects

    The article describes the specifics of OOP concepts implementation in the open source projects that contain address book model in comparison to OASIS UBL Party Reference model. The open source software analysis is performed using the formal criteria for evaluating the matching between open source project models and reference model based on quantitative characteristics, conceptual graph transformation and cluster analysis. First, the scope coverage, elaboration factor and structural connectedness were calculated based on model parameters. Second, the domain models were represented as conceptual graphs and they were compared based on semantic equivalence. And third, the model was clustered into four subdomains, and quantitative characteistics were evaluated separately for each cluster. Based on the experimental results of model analysis the authors propose methods to reduce the conceptual mismatch between reference model and project models.

    Keywords: OOP, semantic analysis, reference model, OASIS UBL, conceptual graph, cluster analysis

  • Single Sign On Technology: Central Authentication Tools for a Functional Service System

    This article discusses the problem of network authentication of a client when a functional web-system consists of various services, each of which is represented by a separate site. Particular attention is paid to Single Sign On technology - a single entry point as a way to achieve centralized authentication. A comparison of tools that provide a single input is given, and a conclusion is made about the best of them. Based on the research, the author proposes the Gluu single entry point server as a server that satisfies all the requirements of the functional service system presented in the example, and also able to work within the framework of popular authentication protocols.

    Keywords: functional service system, authentication, authentication protocol, single entry point, single entry point server, comparative analysis

  • Analysis of the zonal structure and physicochemical properties of the graphene-manganese heterostructure

    In this work, we simulated the graphene-MnO composite structure based on minimizing the electron density functional. The analysis of the processes of rearrangement of the interface surface SLG (monolayer of graphene) - MnО (111). In this case, the interface was subjected to hydrogenation. The distribution of the effective charge on graphene is investigated. A decrease in the work function of the charge carriers during hydrogenation of the interface is established.

    Keywords: effective charge, graphene, passivated surface, density functional, interface, work function, energy gap, band structure

  • Simulation of manifold penetration under the active motorway

    The article deals with the issue of modeling by the finite element method of the penetration of the communication tunnel under the operating multi-lane highway demand microtonneling, horizontal directed drilling and construction under the protection of the screen from pipes

    Keywords: Tunnel, collector, finite element method, microtonneling, horizontal directional drilling, motorway, case, reinforced concrete, metal pipes, settling mule

  • On the issue of calculating the reinforcement in the junction of a beamless monolithic plate with a column

    The article discusses the results of the calculation of reinforcement in monolithic reinforced concrete floors. The subject of the study is the reinforcement of the slab section located next to the column. The study was carried out by setting up a computational experiment. Modeling was performed in software systems: Revit, Sapphire and Lira-CAD. Finite element models were calculated in Lira-CAD software. A total of 7 series of samples were calculated. The samples are a fragment of a monolithic reinforced concrete floor of a civil building. Investigated factors: triangulation parameters; the presence or absence of absolutely rigid bodies in the node. The authors performed a comparative analysis of the results of a computational experiment. It was found that for the most correct and economical selection of reinforcement in models without the use of AFL, it is desirable to take the triangulation step in the slab equal to the side of the column section or more than this value by no more than 15%, since an increase in the size of the finite elements leads to an underestimation of the reference moment and the resulting area calculation longitudinal working reinforcement. With this approach, the value of the maximum moment, and, therefore, the area obtained by the calculation of the reinforcement will be 6% higher, which makes it more preferable, although it increases the complexity of creating a finite element circuit.

    Keywords: BIM technology, reinforced concrete, girder-free overlap, reinforcement, triangulation, finite element, reinforcement selection, computational experiment, Rewit, Sapphire, Lira-CAD

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    The article presents an analysis of objects with concrete-filled steel tube columns. Also the article describes methods for solving the concomitant disadvantages and describes ways to increase the effectiveness of this solution. Prospects for studies of increasing the adhesive component of the mutual work of the concrete core and steel shell are presented. The analysis allows you to give recommendations on the following issues: improving the technological level of concrete-filled steel tube columns, the convenience of joining the column with the frame.

    Keywords: concrete-filled steel tube columns, combined steel and reinforced concrete structures, tubular section, fixed formwork, steel cage, concrete core, adhesion of materials, side compression effect, frame building, construction in the low-temperature conditio

  • Reconstruction of basement walls with the use of dry mix shotcrete

    The reconstruction of the basement of a two-story brick building is considered. The reconstruction of the basement was preceded by a technical inspection of structures and elements, which revealed damage. The condition of the basement structures was assessed, the causes of damage were identified, and a project was developed to eliminate them. The main tasks of the reconstruction included: eliminating the facts of flooding by waterproofing the walls and floor of the basement, developing a recipe for dry mix for shotcrete, eliminating the identified damage and reconstructing the basement walls.

    Keywords: basement, flooding, water resistance, strength of concrete under compression, cement, silica fume, organo-mineral complex additive

  • The green roofs are the way of improving the ecological safety of the environment during reconstruction and construction

    This article discusses the new technological solutions for the installation of green roof structures. The developed technologies are aimed at solving the problems of improving the environmental safety of construction production, improving the comfort level of the urban environment, and improving the urban appearance. Green roof structures are considered as a way to reduce the concentration of dust pollution and its spread, including from construction production by implementing this technology in the design and construction of residential neighborhoods, where there is a phased commissioning of facilities and residents of already populated homes experience the effects of pollution from objects being built in the neighborhood. The article describes in detail the characteristics of two developed green roof structures that can be used in the design and construction of new facilities, as well as in the reconstruction of existing buildings, describes the device technology, and calculates the cost of installation. These technological solutions allow you to save labor costs during construction work, by reducing the increase in the incidence of workers and, accordingly, reducing the cost of construction work.

    Keywords: environmental safety, green roof, phytoecology, atmospheric air protection, ecology in construction, dust suppression, dust settling, construction in confined conditions, roof, landscaping system

  • The use of the regularization parameter to increase the efficiency of calculating the water flow during distribution along the arms

    The current problems of calculating the distribution of water flow along the branches, in multi-arm river sections are considered, the problems of current calculation methods are identified, a new calculation method is proposed, the proposed method is analyzed for efficiency, a calculation optimization method is proposed, a regularization parameter is proposed, an analysis of the changed formulas is carried out, analysis of the changed formulas is carried out, analysis is carried out calculation errors.

    Keywords: waterways, water expenditures, modeling

  • The feasibility of using renewable energy in industrial enterprises

    This article analyzes the existing sources of power supply of oil and gas industry facilities, as well as the study of the possible use of alternative energy sources in industrial enterprises; The advantages and disadvantages of using this type of power supply for remote infrastructure are considered.

    Keywords: energy, power supply, power plant, industrial facility, wind, solar radiation, power, power plant, wind energy, source

  • Problems of implementing BIM technologies in the construction sector: Overview of scientific publications

    The paper is based on a review of the scientific publications released from May through October 2019, the greater part of which, namely 14 papers, is included in the Web of Science scientometric database. The authors of the papers analyzed explore the construction industry problems over the past 5 years. The foreign studies listed in the reference section were based on the analysis of reviews falling in the above-mentioned timeline. The purpose of this paper is to identify the problems hindering the implementation of BIM technologies in the construction sector, not only in the foreign countries, but also in Russia.

    Keywords: building information modeling, construction organizations, critical problems, external factors, absence of organizational support