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  • Laboratory and industrial tests of the unit for methods of non-destructive testing of concrete elements

    Scientific-research Laboratory and industrial tests of equipment for NDT methods ZBK".The Department ELA RSSU conducted a series of laboratory and industrial tests of the device developed at the Department of ELAH for concrete structure NDT methods. A schematic and a description of the pathogen fluctuations and semiconductor receiver, as well as diagrams of dependence of the passage of the amplitude of oscillations of the pathogen in the concrete structure of the axial load.The most important results are obtained dependence of the amplitude of oscillations in ZBK from the amount of axial load from the composition of fillers experimental sample.

    Keywords: Nondestructive testing, reinforced concrete constructions, the causative agent of oscillations, the receiver oscillation, the amplitude of oscillations, axial load.

  • Solids control dust and gas flow

    "The paper presents the solids control dust. Powered device for solids control dust and gas flow. The advantage of this device is that the air flow is not introduced sensor, distorts the parameters of the air flow. The necessary circuit device, and the necessary formulas for the calculation. "

    Keywords: Air flow, dust-gas flow, solids, piezoelectric transducer, vibration, tailing.

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