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  • On the issue of the building systems life cycle stages in the context of the principles of information modeling

    The article discusses the basic principles of information modeling of building systems that underlie BIM technology, and emphasizes the importance of their interaction, since the correctness and efficiency of the BIM process depends on this. The traditional and some basic curves characteristic of the life cycle of goods (products), which have found application in marketing theory, is given. It is noted that each stage of the life cycle of a construction object requires in-depth study and detailed study, since the analysis of scientific publications and the current regulatory document on information modeling revealed their contradiction to each other in some positions.

    Keywords: information modeling, principles, life cycle curves, capital construction object, normative document.

  • Typical defects and damages that reduce the operational reliability of steel vertical tanks

    The importance of ensuring reliable operation of steel vertical tanks is emphasized. Based on the analysis of a number of scientific publications and regulatory documents, the most characteristic defects are presented in tabular form by groups, the combination of which determines the choice of the method of overhaul or reconstruction of tanks. In accordance with the data given in the table, the most common methods of overhaul and reconstruction of steel vertical tanks are considered.It is noted the need to develop organizational and technological solutions based on information technology, using servers for monitoring through the GLONASS / GPS systems, which will allow, within the framework of monitoring, to detect defects and damage to structural elements in a timely manner during the operation stage and ensure their elimination in order to increase the residual life of vertical steel tanks .

    Keywords: residual life, causes of defects, welds, cracks, work methods

  • Problems of implementing BIM technologies in the construction sector: Overview of scientific publications

    The paper is based on a review of the scientific publications released from May through October 2019, the greater part of which, namely 14 papers, is included in the Web of Science scientometric database. The authors of the papers analyzed explore the construction industry problems over the past 5 years. The foreign studies listed in the reference section were based on the analysis of reviews falling in the above-mentioned timeline. The purpose of this paper is to identify the problems hindering the implementation of BIM technologies in the construction sector, not only in the foreign countries, but also in Russia.

    Keywords: building information modeling, construction organizations, critical problems, external factors, absence of organizational support