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  • Principles of risk management system of investment and construction projects urban territoties development

    The article is devoted to the formation of scientific and methodological basis of socio -ecological and socio-economic risks that arise in urban areas in the process of realization investment and construction projects for the development of the urban environment. The authors identified the contradictions economic substantiation of development projects of territorial development and socio- environmental factors, the adverse effects of their realization, on the basis of which concluded the need for modernization of the basic principles of risk management for sustainable development of urban territories . The article proposes a set of principles that are required for the formation of an effective system of risk management of investment and construction projects of development of urban territories, which includes five interrelated principles : the principle of the matter of feasibility activity, the principle of optimization of protection, the principle of an integrated estimation of the danger, the principle of ecosystem sustainability, the principle of "the polluter pays". The proposed principles will gain the efficiency of the analysis and selection of projects for realization only able to provide the highest level of security and stability of the socio- economic sector of the city.  

    Keywords: principle, the system of governance, risk, investment and construction projects, urban territories, sustainable development, social and environmental security

  • The algorithmicform of  town planningdevelopment strategythe urbanized territories

    The article is devoted to the formation of an evidence-based algorithm for strategic planning the urban city environment. The methodology of goal setting is the most important element in any science-based management, in the Russian strategic planning system of social and economic development the territories it is not fully used. In the majority of municipalities of Russia there are no quantitative targets for strategic development. The problem of formation targets for urban development causes the need of study the functional characteristics of the urbanized areas in the city. Authors considered features of a goal-setting in the strategic development plan of the urbanized territories, the main stages of functional approach to the integrated development of the city are studied, the structural and logical scheme of formation the complex strategy for town-planning development the urbanized territories is offered and described in detail. Formation of integrated program for development of the city is supposes the definition of target reference points in town-planning development enhancing their effectiveness by coordinating with the social, environmental and economic targets  

    Keywords: algorithmization, urban development strategy, development, urban areas, goal-setting, city