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  • On the potential of using low-temperature plasma in industry and social sphere

    The use of low-temperature plasma in industry and the social sphere is given serious attention in Russia and abroad. Plasma technologies are environmentally friendly and allow solving the problems of resource saving and energy saving. The article is devoted to the search for directions for using low-temperature plasma and the creation of appropriate technologies and equipment in industry and the social sphere. Based on the analysis of scientific, technical and patent information, the opinion was expressed that the potential of low-temperature plasmas in forestry and in the timber industry is underestimated

    Keywords: Low-temperature plasma, industrial and social applications, forest seeds, pre-sowing treatment

  • Effect of pre-sowing soakingin water, activated plasma on seed germination of tree species

    The aim is handling trees seed non-thermal plasma activated water and its research results to improve the percentage of seed germination and rapid germination. Water treated plasma, has the ability to activate the germination. This significantly changes the acidity of the environment. Study on the treatment of seeds with non-thermal water plasma was conducted for Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.), Norway spruce (Picea abies L.), silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.), ash-leaved Maple (Acer negundo L.). Germination pine seeds soaked in plasma activated water for 2 minutes, increased to 22%, 11% spruce. Such seeds have a short period of germination. The period of germination was reduced to 1 day for birch and maple for 3 days for a total increase of germination by 18 and 16%. Phytopathological analysis identified a certain bactericidal effect. The number of seeds infected with fungi of the genus Alternaria, Penicillium and others decreased. Treatment did not affect the infestation of seeds fungi of the genus Spicaria, Germescium. As a result, there have been major findings and recommendations on the application of plasma activated water for seedbed preparation seed trees.

    Keywords: water, non-thermal plasma, seeds, Scots pine, Norway spruce, silver birch, ash-leaved Maple