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  • Formation of a masking coating by the method of focused ion beams for plasma treatment

    Experimental studies on the formation of nanoscale structures on the surface of gallium arsenide were carried out. To obtain a modified layer on the substrate surface, the method of focused ion beams was used, and the method of plasma-chemical etching was used for the subsequent formation of structures. According to the research results, structures with a width of 90 to 196 nm and a depth of 2 to 9.6 nm were formed. The results of the studies can be applied as structures for the subsequent formation of quantum dots during molecular beam epitaxy.

    Keywords: Nanotechnology, focused ion beam, plasma treatment, atomic force microscope, GaAs

  • Modeling of thermal modes of action of laser radiation on a photocell with a thin-film structure ZnO-amorphous silicon on a glass substrate

    The influence of the laser material on the structure of the photocell based on thin films of zinc oxide and amorphous silicon on glass. It was modeled recrystallization processes in the solid state, considered the interaction of the surface of silicon by pulsed laser radiation, calculations are made for the surface temperature at the recrystallization of the amorphous film on Nd:YAG laser installation with length wave 532 nm. The proposed thermal model of the solution of the problem showed that the structure melt is already at the earliest stage of processing and the temperature distribution in the amorphous layer will depend on the structure of the ZnO film, as evidenced by modeling in ANSYS. According to the results of experimental studies performed, it can be said that the thermal conditions at the plant are poorly worked out, as evidenced by the roughness of the film of the amorphous layer. The mechanism of crystallization of the melt also requires refinement. The obtained results showed the prospects of the direction of silicon-on glass and ZnO

    Keywords: solar cells , laser recrystallization , an amorphous layer , ZnO film , thermal model , modeling of thermal modes , tube scan

  • Investigation of the modes formation of the hybrid carbon nanostructures based on nanotubes for creation nanostructured materials

      The experimental studies of technological modes of formation of hybrid carbon nanostructures based on the nanotubes by multifunctional ultrahigh vacuum nanotechnological complex NANOFAB NTK-9 are performed. The parameters of the impact on hybrid nanostructures formation were found, established and studied experimental samples modified and Y-shaped hybrid carbon nanostructures . The results can be used as elements of nanoelectronics and nanosystem technology, composite fillings compounds and hydrogen storage.

    Keywords: Nanotechnology, carbon nanotubes, hybrid carbon nanostructures, nanostructured materials