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  • Reference geoinformation system for managing the technical condition of commercial real estate in Rostov-on-Don

    The article provides information on the use of the geoinformation database of commercial real estate in the city of Rostov-on-Don. The database is designed to store information about commercial real estate with the aim of effectively managing the technical condition of the facilities. The prerequisites for creating a geographic information database was the need to manage the technical condition of commercial real estate of large companies on the basis of an outsourced agreement. The reference-geographic information system of commercial objects can be used for effective management, data processing and optimization of applications.

    Keywords: geographic information systems; commercial real estate; technical exploitation; energy efficiency

  • Formation of a modern urban environment through the reconstruction of local areas of apartment buildings

    This article presents a set of measures for the reconstruction of the local space of apartment buildings in the framework of the program "Formation of the modern urban environment of the city of Rostov-on-don". The stages and criteria for assessing the local area for the inclusion of the yard area in the improvement project are also considered. A systematic approach to the reconstruction of the local area on the example of an apartment building located in the city is shown. Rostov-on-don, the list of works on improvement of the yard territories allowing to receive the multipurpose modern environment adapted for different layers of the population is allocated, and also the example of implementation of the program which shows how its execution allows to improve the sanitary and esthetic condition of house adjoining territories in the city of Rostov-on-don, and also to create comfortable conditions of stay of citizens

    Keywords: house territory, yard, landscaping, reconstruction, landscaping, quality of the urban environment

  • Comparative analysis of estimated programs used in Russia

    The article presents a comparison of the main programs used in Russia to calculate the cost of construction. Statistics of the most popular estimated programs are given. A brief comparative analysis of the capabilities of the two programs, Grand Smeta and Smeta.ru, is presented. Based on the analysis, recommendations are given for choosing an effective settlement package for creating design estimates.

    Keywords: estimate, construction, estimate programs, program complex, estimate calculations

  • Intellectual urban system and its implementation at the present stage of development of Russia

    This article raised the problem of the rapid pace of urban development and the conditions for comfortable living of the urban population. To solve these problems, the concept of “Smart City” was created. "Smart City" is a system that provides a high level of urban life, increasing the profitability of resource use by combining all the services and information systems of the city. The main elements of this concept and their role in the program are shown. There are ways to solve problems due to the implementation of the Smart City program. The question of the need for the growth of smart cities, and also shows the reasons for the long development of cities in this direction. The main ideas of the implementation of the "Smart City" program are described. The basic strategies for the development of "smart" cities in Russia are given.

    Keywords: smart city concept, intelligent urban environment, infrastructure, urbanization, geographic information system, intelligent transport system, integrated sensors, security, automated building management system, digital technologies

  • Prospects for applying green standards and technologies in housing construction

    The article analyzes the problems and prospects for the development of green technologies and green construction in Russia and the world as as well. The author provides us the information about the outstanding examples of green buildings in the world. The dynamics of construction of green buildings for the period from 2000 to 2018 has been revealed in the article. It is also presented the advantages of introducing green technologies in the construction of buildings with respect to all participants in the construction process. By opinion of the author the important role in the part of stimulating the development of green construction plays the state, legislative initiatives. Factors restraining the growth of eco-sustainable construction in our country are revealed

    Keywords: green technology, ecological construction, sustainable development, green building, resource saving, green standards, energy efficiency

  • Quality control of the production work on the consolidation of soil foundation using the GPR subsurface sensing

    The paper proposes to perform quality control of the production work on the consolidation of soil foundation with the use of the method. Application of geo-radiolocation sensing allows to specify and complement the results of engineering and geological surveys, as well as capture the changes taking place in the grounds of foundations after work on fixing them. This will provide a comprehensive picture of the grouting in the underlying foundation of the building and provide a reliable and simple quality control work.

    Keywords: Geophysical methods,monitoring of the geological environment, landslide hazard.

  • The problems of conservation and technical survey of capital construction in modern conditions

    The article shows how preservation of capital construction, the basic problems of conservation and technical survey of capital construction.

    Keywords: Conservation of capital construction, technical survey

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