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  • Architectural and construction concept of the cable car station in Rostov-on-don

    To the attention of readers is submitted the detailed story about the project of young architects from Novocherkassk " The architectural and construction concept of the cable metro station in Rostov-on-Don". The basic idea of the project - a new decision of a transport problem of the connection of the right and left banks of the river Don - an air cable road. The air metro is ecologically clear, absolutely save (the high resistance to strong winds, and also the high degree of failure in any conditions) and the silent type of passenger transport. Two stations are suggested to Rostovites and guests of the city for comfort using: the multi-level parking and the shopping and entertainment centre on the right and left coasts respectively. This project solves a number of difficult tasks. First of all it combines the functionality and security and at the same time projected buildings completely accord to people's representation about the beauty and the comfort. The creation of the Cable Metro Station allows to solve the transport problem which is typical for big cities, and also it becomes a new sight of our city. Keywords: the transport problem, the cableway, the silent type of passenger transport, multi-level parking, shopping and entertainment centre, the combination of the functionality and security, the constructive scheme - the hard monolithic core, the individualization of the appearance, the unique architectural expressiveness.

    Keywords: transport problem, cable car, silent type of passenger transport, multi-level Parking, shopping and entertainment complex, combination of functionality and safety, constructive scheme - rigid monolithic core, individualization of appearance, unique archit

  • Possible ways of improvement of forensic examination researches of reconstructed construction objects

    At present, there has been an increase in demand in the framework of judicial construction and technical examinations to the question of the practical application of basic forensic techniques in conjunction with new methodological tools. The practice of conducting judicial construction and technical expertise by 2017 has increased in comparison with 2010, which in turn causes problems in pre-trial and judicial proceedings. The trend in the specifics of the use of mixed or non-traditional forms of techniques is designed to solve problems in complex in structure and content of research aimed at establishing the types, volumes and cost of construction work performed, as well as materials and products used in the reconstruction of buildings. The solution of the problem is seen in the constant updating of both the legislative definition and the existing methods in the practice of application by experts and courts.

    Keywords: construction, judicial construction and technical expertise, expert, methods, reconstruction of construction objects, research

  • Current requirements for the level of knowledge of the judicial construction and technical expert

    Analysis of current requirements for the level of knowledge of the judicial construction and technical expert. The article is devoted to the problem of the lack of practical training, as well as a low level of knowledge in the use of modern electronic devices by judicial construction and technical experts.

    Keywords: Current requirements for a forensic expert, forensic expert, construction and technical expertise

  • Problems of increasing energy efficiency of the construction industry in the Russian Federation

    The article describes the main problems of implementation of energy-efficient technologies in the construction sector. The key parameters affecting the energy efficiency of the building, ways to minimize energy losses.

    Keywords: Increase of energy efficiency of buildings, minimization of energy losses, energy efficiency class of the building, economical consumption of energy resources

  • Use of energy-efficient equipment in the repair and construction industry

    This article raises the problem of energy conservation of limited resources, provides an analysis of the most popular energy-efficient measures, presents examples of energy-efficient equipment, and discusses the problem of implementing energy-efficient solutions in the repair and construction industry in the Russian Federation at the present time.

    Keywords: Energy saving, energy efficiency, energy resources, energy-efficient measures, energy-efficient technologies, energy-efficient

  • To a question on the organisation of concrete works in winter conditions

    The problem of the organisation of civil work during the winter period is studied. Authors inform results of real experience of the organisation of winter concreting in extreme conditions for the Rostov region. Practical recommendations about the organisation of works are made

    Keywords: organization of construction; high-rise housing; reinforced concrete and steel structures

  • Modernization of buildings and structures as a way to restore the housing stock of the Russian Federation

    This article provides information about the state of the housing stock of the Russian Federation, provides statistical evidence, and the reasons for the current state of residential buildings and structures. The influence of modernization on the preservation and restoration of the housing stock of the Russian Federation is indicated, its expediency and main types of works are given, the results of modernization are presented

    Keywords: housing stock, housing problems, modernization, operational parameter, the desirability of modernization, depreciation of the building, main types of works, replacement of equipment, add-in floors, changing the geometry of the premises

  • Actions for the organization of "green zones" in the conditions of dense building of the city

    In the present article examples of improvement of ecological indicators in the conditions of dense building of the city are reviewed, the principles of territorial planning are described. Detailed studying of environmental problems of the city, a way of their decision is carried out, the most optimum mechanism of a solution is revealed. This article gives the chance will get acquainted with result of numerous researches in the field of modernization of an ecological framework of the city, the most suitable and elementary actions in the realization increasing the area of city "green zones" in the conditions of dense pointed building are given. Having analysed the studied material, conclusions by the given examples are drawn.

    Keywords: ecological equilibrium, the urbanized territory, gardening of the city, vertical gardening, mobile gardening

  • Problems of implementation of software systems technology-based Information Modeling  (BIM-technology)

    BIM technology is increasingly gaining market share, magazine articles and forum posts are filled with laudatory odes. It seems that the program implementing the principle of Building Information Modeling is "panacea" for the design. Of course, this technology has a number of indisputable advantages, but also disadvantages is enough.

    Keywords: The BIM, building information modeling, level of detail, project management, project life cycle, technology and organization of construction, design objects, innovative technologies

  • "Modern approaches to the modernization process of the construction "

    It was determined that considering the European vector of Russia's development is the urgent creation of a legislative and legal basis for the use of standard construction contracts that are understandable and familiar to European investors. The main functions of the participants are listed. It was determined the possible place and role consulting engineer in the building practices in Russia with the use of different organizational forms of construction control. The involvement of engineering consultants, the client must be on a competitive basis. Thus, the purpose of scientific and methodological support of the customer this process needs to be developed standard requirements engineering consultants for various types of contracts.

    Keywords: upgrade, process, organization, construction, FIDIC, engineer, management, participant, customer, contract, investor

  • Projects of houses with a penthouse with garage: features of planning and construction

    Article contains features of planning of the house with a penthouse and garage, the main pluses and minuses of construction. In article advantage use of frame option of construction is described.

    Keywords: penthouse, garage, planning, drawing, low construction, heat, soil, framework, floor, warming

  • The issue of the institutional features of the construction of the medieval fortresses of the North-West of Russia XIII-XV centuries.

    Gives a historical overview of the organizational and structural features of the fortifications of medieval Russia. Based on extensive archaeological and historical reconstruction and analysis of the surviving documents reveals the key features of the organization of construction of these buildings, carried out a study of the Genesis of organizational techniques and methods of construction

    Keywords: story building, the organization and management of construction, management, construction, military history

  • Comparative analysis of energy efficient solutions, used in low-rise construction in Russia

    The article examines the main energy-saving technology used in the Russian low-rise building. Represented by the relevance of the topic in terms of increasing energy deficit. Presented and systematized the main indicators of energy-efficient methods used in low-rise construction in Russia. The methods of evaluating the effectiveness of interventions. Comparative analysis of energy efficient solutions. Select the most cost-effective method by comparing the value of the beneficial effects of its use.

    Keywords: energy efficiency, low-rise construction, energy, energy-efficient equipment, alternative sources of energy, the useful effect

  • On the question of organizational and technological solutions to ensure the construction and engineering work (pontoon bridge) units of the Soviet Army in WWII

    We give a historical overview of the problem of choosing the optimal organizational and technological solutions in terms of fighting the Great Patriotic War. Singles out the main issues analyzed their solutions, defined relationship with the historical experience of the present stage of development of the industry

    Keywords: story building, the organization and management of bridge construction, management, construction, military history.

  • Quality control of the production work on the consolidation of soil foundation using the GPR subsurface sensing

    The paper proposes to perform quality control of the production work on the consolidation of soil foundation with the use of the method. Application of geo-radiolocation sensing allows to specify and complement the results of engineering and geological surveys, as well as capture the changes taking place in the grounds of foundations after work on fixing them. This will provide a comprehensive picture of the grouting in the underlying foundation of the building and provide a reliable and simple quality control work.

    Keywords: Geophysical methods,monitoring of the geological environment, landslide hazard.