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  • The device of "green zones" in the conditions of dense building

    The article discusses a new trend of our time-green roof. The types of roof landscaping, their differences and average costs are described. The reasons of alternative replacement of a traditional roof and indisputable advantages of green are explained. The main layers of the "pie" of this roof and the principle of inverted roof, which is becoming increasingly common in the world, as well as its advantages, are considered. The popularity of green roofing in Russia and the opportunity not only to visually improve your home and create a "green corner" without leaving home, but also to reduce heat costs, increase noise insulation and clean the air from harmful impurities.

    Keywords: green roof, extensive landscaping, intensive landscaping, inverted roof principle, minimizing heat loss, economical energy consumption, noise insulation

  • Use of vertical gardening in the world

    The article touches on the relevance of the problem of ecology in the world, considers a way to improve the microclimate of the city and individual buildings, residential and public, by using vertical gardening. The main advantages of vertical landscaping of facades are given: increasing the sound insulation of premises, improving the microclimate, reducing the energy consumption of the building, as well as taking into account the process of photosynthesis itself, which supplies the environment with oxygen, and the absorption of harmful emissions by plants. The most striking examples of "green" architecture in the world are given:"Vertical forest" in Milan and "Nanjing Green Towers", as well as the use of a new way to" revive " the environment in Russia and the introduction of regulatory documents regulating environmental requirements for real estate.

    Keywords: landscaping, ecology, vertical gardening, high-rise building, eco-friendly skyscraper, aesthetics, "vertical forest"," green " architecture, phytostain, phytocartin, rating system for assessing the sustainability of the environment

  • The use of intelligent technology in a modern home

    The article describes the main areas of implementation of "smart home" technology, energy-efficient solutions in the construction sector. Providing security and protection of housing, assistance to the elderly. The emergence of a new concept of "energy-saving business". The key parameters, types of modern technologies affecting the energy efficiency of the building, ways to minimize energy losses are considered. The analysis of energy-efficient solutions and the result of the introduction of intelligent technologies is presented. 2 things that make a house "smart".

    Keywords: "smart home", energy efficiency, energy loss minimization, economical consumption of energy resources, intelligent technologies

  • The role of the state in improving the urban environment

    The article touches on the relevance of the problem of territory improvement and the role of the state in its solution not only in Russia, but also abroad. Examples of long-term state programs and projects aimed at "improving" urban areas are given, and tasks, deadlines, and responsible persons for the result are defined. The importance of carrying out such activities as reconstruction, renovation and modernization of territories and existing buildings that do not meet a number of modern requirements.

    Keywords: improvement of the territory, modernization, state program, regional program, renovation, comfort, formation of a modern urban environment, "improvement" of urban areas