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  • The use of intelligent technology in a modern home

    The article describes the main areas of implementation of "smart home" technology, energy-efficient solutions in the construction sector. Providing security and protection of housing, assistance to the elderly. The emergence of a new concept of "energy-saving business". The key parameters, types of modern technologies affecting the energy efficiency of the building, ways to minimize energy losses are considered. The analysis of energy-efficient solutions and the result of the introduction of intelligent technologies is presented. 2 things that make a house "smart".

    Keywords: "smart home", energy efficiency, energy loss minimization, economical consumption of energy resources, intelligent technologies

  • Construction and technical examination of construction in progress when resuming construction work

    " During a long interruption of construction and installation works, as well as under the influence of the external environment on the unfinished construction of building structures, they are subject to a change in their properties and strength characteristics. To solve all problems, it is necessary to conduct a forensic examination in order to identify defects and assess the state of building structures and make decisions on the possibility and feasibility of completing construction work"

    Keywords: construction in progress, expertise, defect, building construction, laboratory tests, design documentation, expert

  • The use of non-destructive testing devices in the judicial construction and technical expert examination

    The article considers the issue of relevance of non-destructive testing, as well as some features of the use of non-destructive testing devices in the judicial construction and technical expert examination. Conducting construction and technical expert examination is impossible without accurate measurements, which attaches conditions for the use of various methods, technologies, devices and tools. Among them, one should separately distinguish a group of non-destructive testing devices that allow measuring facilities of research without damage and simultaneous obtaining of reliable features of parameters determining the technical condition of the facilities being examined.

    Keywords: judicial construction and technical expert examination, expert, non-destructive testing, non-destructive testing methods, non-destructive testing devices