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  • Features of technical operation of cultural heritage objects

    This article discusses the features of technical operation of cultural heritage objects. The relevance of the topic is that cultural heritage objects, like any real estate objects, need constant measures to maintain the working condition, as well as to preserve consumer properties, and this action requires special attention and rational approaches. Guided by the guidelines for the operation of cultural heritage objects of the peoples of the Russian Federation, the owner or other legal owner of the cultural object must comply with the requirements of regulatory documents for the preservation of the object in order to increase its service life. Thanks to a comprehensive approach to improving the method of restoration of objects of historical and architectural significance, it is possible to increase the interest of tourists to cultural objects and ensure their safety.

    Keywords: Object of cultural heritage, operation, operating costs, quality, timeliness, impact, safety, defect, repair, rationality, activities, working condition

  • About possibilities of management of ecological and economic risks of investment projects

    This article discusses the possibility of managing environmental and economic risks of investment projects. Environmental efficiency is an important indicator in assessing the effectiveness of an investment project. It is revealed that when assessing the environmental efficiency of an investment project, it is necessary to use the established standards and agreements, normative legal acts in the field of environmental law. However, the legislation in the Russian Federation in the field of environmental risk assessment requires accurate calculations that will facilitate the task of the investor in the field of adoption of an effective investment project. It is analyzed that the final decision on the implementation of the project depends on the quality of the assessment.

    Keywords: Efficiency, investment, risk, uncertainty, investment project, ecology, factor, criterion, implementation