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  • About possibilities of management of ecological and economic risks of investment projects

    This article discusses the possibility of managing environmental and economic risks of investment projects. Environmental efficiency is an important indicator in assessing the effectiveness of an investment project. It is revealed that when assessing the environmental efficiency of an investment project, it is necessary to use the established standards and agreements, normative legal acts in the field of environmental law. However, the legislation in the Russian Federation in the field of environmental risk assessment requires accurate calculations that will facilitate the task of the investor in the field of adoption of an effective investment project. It is analyzed that the final decision on the implementation of the project depends on the quality of the assessment.

    Keywords: Efficiency, investment, risk, uncertainty, investment project, ecology, factor, criterion, implementation

  • On the issue of reducing the cost of construction of storage facilities of heat-accumulating substance through the use of the refrigeration potential of liquefied natural gas

    The article deals with the development of a mathematical model for reducing the cost of building heat storage tanks by using the refrigerating capacity of liquefied natural gas (LNG)

    Keywords: liquefied natural gas, LNG, special fortifications, SPS, full isolation mode, heat storage substance, TAB

  • Electronic structure and magnetic properties of quasi-2D systems MeO (Me = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni) in ferromagnetic ordering

    Band structure calculations were performed for quasi-2D MeO systems using the pseudopotential method within density functional theory. The calculations were carried out within the plane waves methodology using pseudopotentials. Density of electron states was calculated within the approxination of collinear magnetism. We examined the electron structure and estimated the electronic and magnetic properties of FM-ordered quasi-2D MeO systems (Me = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni). It has been demonstrated that the MnO - FeO - CoO - NiO row exhibits a shift in 3d spin down states of the metal relatively to the Fermi level towards the low-energy region. The above affects magnetization in 2D systems of oxides of 3d transition metals. The character of electron density distribution in quasi-2D MeO systems (Me = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni) indicates ionic bond type between the atoms in Me systems. The tendency towards increase of the band gap in the FeO→ CoO→ NiO row has been established. The obtained estimates of the local magnetic moment of a 3d transition metal atom in crystals of examined oxides correlate with experimental data. In conformity with existing views in physics, we have revealed the effect of spontaneous spin polarization of Me 3d and 2p bands of oxygen atoms in quasi-2D MeO systems (Me = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni), which in our opinion plays the main role in generation of magnetic moments in the atoms of 3d transition metal and oxygen.

    Keywords: Density functional theory, pseudopotential mathod, ferromagnetism, electronic band structure, transition metal oxides