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  • Coordination of the power of the heat generator and the burner

    This article presents the results of the analysis of factors influencing the burner device of heat generators, as well as methods for their selection. The results of an experimental study of the dependence of the efficiency of heat generators on the operating power of burners are presented. Recommendations have been developed for choosing a heat generator and a burner.

    Keywords: heat generator, burner device, Gorenje mode, operating power, heat balance

  • Method for increasing the efficiency of lubrication of the friction units of a car's transmission

    The analysis of factors affecting the life of the elements of the transmission of the car. An assessment was made of the influence of vehicle operation modes on the reliability and durability of gearbox parts. Considered modern methods of lubrication of transmission elements av-car. A method is proposed for increasing the efficiency of lubrication of friction units by using an electric field and the formation of dipole structures of a lubricant on friction surfaces. The article was published as part of the implementation of the program of the International Forum “Victory May 1945.

    Keywords: gear box, transmission, lubrication methods, design, operation mode, work, ionization, lubricant