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  • Change of the mechanism of sintering powders piezomaterials as a way of reducing the temperature of formation of dense ceramic frameworks

    The problem of manufacturing technology heterostructures pezofaza - metal considered in the article. Complexity consists in the fact that during the removal of the polymer in the system at low temperatures are formed porous layers, formed powders separated metal layers, having island macrostructure. One way to solve the problem - reducing the firing temperature heterostructures. Proposed to decrease the sintering temperature by using of functionally active glass-phases. Reducing the sintering temperature of products also allows to replace platinum electrodes inexpensive silver-based alloys. Obtained by solid state reaction method of piezoceramic material has a low sintering temperature (980 ° C) and high electrical parameters. Found that not only the proportion of the vitreous mass, but also their qualitative influence on the properties of piezomaterials    

    Keywords: heterostructure glass phase, the sintering temperature, porosity, ferroelectric phase

  • Technological methods of increasing the Curie point of PZT piezoceramic phase

    It was investigated the influence several additives and process parameters on the properties of piezoelectric ceramics based on PZT phase systems. It was shown that the use of the substitution of Pb2+ ions on the Bi3+, and Ti4+ ions, and Zr4+ to Fe3+ and Mn4+, as well as the method of "chemical assembly «allows to obtain increase the Curie temperature of ceramic samples of 50 - 170°C. The theoretical aspects of this area of research have been discussed in this article.

    Keywords: ferroelectric phase, Curie temperature, ceramics, precursors, perovskite, a solid-state method, a method of «chemical assemblage