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  • Analysis of the defence population of dual-use facilities

    The article examines the modern protection of the population of dual-use facilities, an analysis of it's effectiveness and further protects for the development of solving this problems. Yhe analysis was performed on the example of comparing the provision of the population with buried and other underground spaces in federal districts.

    Keywords: protection of the population, infrastructure composition, types of protection, main activities, security of the population, garrison

  • Analysis of the social infrastructure of dual-use facilities

    The article examines the analysis of the current state of the social infrastructure of dual-use facilities, including the values of indicators for achieving strategic goals and objectives, and the question is about further development prospects. The analysis is carried out on the example of the dynamics of the number of military consumers.

    Keywords: social infrastructure, design object, dual-use objects, dynamics, provision of services, maintenance of the territory, garrison, type