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  • Development and research of position-trajectorial controller for underwater glider motion control

    This article reviews the process of glider motion control system development based on position-trajectorial controller, developed by V.Pshikhopov. A mathematical model of an underwater glider is reviewed briefly, this model uses variable buoyancy for movement. Control system uses position-trajectorial controller which uses two controll variables for straight gliding and turning. The article contains results of modelling the motion control system in various modes such as straight gliding, gliding with turning and following a set of points. A brief description of practical usage of the control system is given.

    Keywords: glider, control system, position-trajectorial controller, motion control, mathematical modelling

  • Decomposition of a complex dynamic system with a network architecture based on Cron's Diakoptic

    The paper presents a method for decomposition of a complex dynamic system with a network architecture based on the Crohn's diakoptic approach. The proposed method is aimed at the allocation of independent network segments, the removal of which from the general structure will not affect the overall performance of the system. Segments are formed as simple paths in the graph model of the system with the least weight of the incident edges and checking the condition for maintaining the product flow balance in the application to the transport task. In general, the decomposition method presented allows us to divide a complex technical object of the network architecture into subsystems, simplifying the process of analysis and management. In the case when the common control task and the dynamics of interaction of subsystems allow the system to be broken up into unconnected segments, or to limit interaction over certain lines, the method allows reducing the load on the transmitting elements of the system.

    Keywords: decomposition, complex dynamic system, network, grapho-analytical method, network segmentation, diakoptics, load reduction

  • Implementation and parameter identification of autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle type glider

    The article deals with the implementation and identification of parameters of autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle. The structure of the glider and its basic structural elements. The experimental study to identify the parameters of the glider.

    Keywords: glider, submersible, gear change buoyancy actuators, control system, microcontroller board, remote control.

  • Implementation and experimental investigation of the control unit of actuators for autonomous marine vehicle "Neptune"

    The article discusses the design of microcontroller control unit for actuators of marine vehicle "Neptune". Functions of the control unit and its interconnections with the other functional elements of the vehicle is described. Emergency remote control mode is presented in details. Paper contains description of hardware and software implementation of the control unit. The efficiency of the proposed design is proved by the results of experiments in which authors measured dependencies between the parameters issued by the autopilot and the appropriate control signals applied to the actuators of autonomous vehicle.

    Keywords: control unit, actuators, control system, microcontroller board, remote control.