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  • Development and research of position-trajectorial controller for underwater glider motion control

    This article reviews the process of glider motion control system development based on position-trajectorial controller, developed by V.Pshikhopov. A mathematical model of an underwater glider is reviewed briefly, this model uses variable buoyancy for movement. Control system uses position-trajectorial controller which uses two controll variables for straight gliding and turning. The article contains results of modelling the motion control system in various modes such as straight gliding, gliding with turning and following a set of points. A brief description of practical usage of the control system is given.

    Keywords: glider, control system, position-trajectorial controller, motion control, mathematical modelling

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    Calculate the aerial and / or hydrodynamic effects from the continuous medium required for the synthesis of an adequate control system. Numerical simulation of movement managed position-control trajectory mini-ship at small angles of heel and the presence of sea waves on the basis of a fully-mathematical model and the proposed methodology for assessing the hydrodynamic impact.

    Keywords: surface mini-boat, position-control trajectory, aerohydrodynamics, mathematical model, nonlinear dynamics, CFD modeling, external disturbances