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  • Models of integration cooperation of industrial enterprises: capitalization growth

    he article analyzes the different forms of integration and cooperation of industrial enterprises from the standpoint of the possibility of capitalization of their resource potential. Under-cap resource potential refers to the process of institutional modernization resource binding interactions of subjects for the growth of economic potential, both the subjects and formed or integration structure. Sources allocated resources capitalization growth industry. The main directions of the capitalization of resources for industrial enterprises operating in the composition of the integrated structure. It is shown how to attract more participants interaction (financial institutions, research organizations, government agencies) promotes the growth of capitalization. Proposed indicators to measure the level of capitalization of the resource potential of integration structures. It is concluded that the choice of form of integration cooperation should be defined as the interaction of the participants goals and objectives of regional development. The article is intended for a wide range of readers

    Keywords: industry, market capitalization, innovative capacity, integration cooperation, modernization, a synergistic effect of non-commodity development

  • Capitalization industrial enterprise resource in the cluster in innovative development strategies

    The problems of finding and implementing provisions increasing the competitiveness of domestic production due to the effective capitalization of resources , which is a set of multi-level institutional processes and management actions to ensure efficient binding of economic resources for the modernization of innovation based on the reproduction processes in the enterprise. Shows a conceptual view of the process of strategy formation capitalization resource industries in the cluster. A scheme of structure-function relationships of subjects clustered relations conditional capitalization of resources.

    Keywords: capitalization of resources, institutional bondage, clustering relationships, competitive potential, enterprise, innovation development