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  • On the issue of of possibilities and areas of rational application of 3D printing technology for building structures

    The article contains information about the results of the analysis of features and world experience in the application of well-known types of 3D printing technology in the construction industry. The advantages, disadvantages, and the identified area of rational application of technology in various construction cycles of the main period of the creation of buildings and special structures are clarified.

    Keywords: construction, 3D printing, 3D building printer, concrete mix, concrete extrusion, 3D spraying, labor costs, pace of construction, concrete work, layer-by-layer extrusion method

  • Selection of the mechanization variants of concrete works in monolithic frame construction

    The relevance of the research efficiency of known mechanization variants of concrete works during the construction of multi-storey buildings with monolithic frame is justified in the article. The data about the areas of rational choice specified and fulfilled by the authors, advantages and disadvantages of such methods are generalized and systematized. The features of the peculiarities of three of them, the most significant for the research are considered in detail. At the same time the results of the evaluation of their effectiveness in terms of unit labor and financial costs in the construction of frames of single-section tower-type buildings are presented, making it easier to optimize the choice of appropriate solutions in the organizational and technological design.

    Keywords: monolithic frame building, concrete works, mechanization variants, efficiency, unit labor costs, unit financial costs

  • The propositions about the use of inertia conveyors while making concrete (cement-sand) cushions in the buildings with prepared and built-up roofings

    The authors ground the expediency, prove the effectiveness and give an account of the basic points of rational technical decision about the use of a new resource-saving technology of inertial conveyor feeding of concrete mix and cement-sand grout to the point of placement while making concrete (cement-sand) cushions in the buildings with prepared or built-up roofings.

    Keywords: roofing, concrete (cement-sand) cushions, concrete mix, concrete mix feeding, inertia conveyor, cost per unit of labor

  • To the research of possibilities and the field of application of the improved technology of the concrete mix transportation to the point of placement

    The article displays the results of research of possibilities of improved by the author technology of inertial conveyor transportation of concrete mix to the point of placement. The author defines and justifies the field of this technology rational application, suggests the construction of a portable inertia conveyor which lets carry out the whole set of advantages of the technology examined while concreting of building structures

    Keywords: concrete works, mechanization of concrete works, concrete mix, concrete mix transportation, portable inertia conveyor, technical and economic performance of transportation process