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  • Evaluation of the efficiency of heat utilization of flue gases of the boiler house

    This article presents the results of an experimental study of the deep cooling of natural gas combustion products in a condensation heat exchanger of a waste heat exchanger in a boiler house No. 12 at the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University". The heat scheme of the boiler house with the flue gas heat exchanger provides the maximum continuous cooling mode. The study identified the factors that have the greatest impact on the efficiency of the heat exchanger-utilizer.With short-term operation of the boiler in the spring and autumn periods, the efficiency is more than 3%.

    Keywords: burner, combustion mode optimization, heat utilizer, boiler room thermal circuit, boiler unit, flue gases, condensation, heat exchanger, cogeneration mode, cooled gases

  • Optimization of the boiler house thermal scheme with the utilization of flue gas heat

    The article gives an overview of the ways to utilize the heat of the boiler exhaust gases. In conditions of actualization (both technical and economic expediency) of application of technologies for fuel economy and environmental protection, the use of aggregates based on the internal combustion engine and microturbines with the utilization of the heat of the cooling system and exhaust gases has found application. Deep cooling of combustion products of natural gas both in boilers (condensing boilers) and in special condensing heat exchangers (utilizers) makes it possible not only to organize the full utilization of the physical heat of the flue gases (the lowest heat of combustion of the fuel), but also to select the latent heat of condensation Water vapor. The coefficient of efficiency of the boiler-aggregate will be increased in this mode by 8-12%, provided that the boiler operates in the optimal mode. Cooling of combustion products also reduces the content of nitrogen oxides in flue gases, incl. With the use of heat pump plants. The efficiency of the implementation of projects for the installation of condensing heat exchangers depends to a large extent on the number of hours of operation at maximum capacity in the mode of deep utilization. In this connection, we propose a variant of optimization of the boiler room thermal scheme with the heat recovery of the flue gases.

    Keywords: Heat recovery boiler, boiler house thermal scheme, optimization, boiler, flue gases, heat generating unit