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  • The main aspects of the methodology of the judicial construction and technical expertise

    Conducting judicial construction and technical expertise, must comply with certain procedures and rules. The article systematizes the main tasks of the examination; determined the purpose of its implementation; describes how to conduct a hearing; The authors revealed the fact that the expert is criminally responsible for the opinion provided.

    Keywords: judicial construction and technical expertise, expert-builder, regulatory documentation, regulations of the construction, field test, expert opinion, executive documentation, quality of construction work, regulation of the hearing

  • Architectural and construction concept of the cable car station in Rostov-on-don

    To the attention of readers is submitted the detailed story about the project of young architects from Novocherkassk " The architectural and construction concept of the cable metro station in Rostov-on-Don". The basic idea of the project - a new decision of a transport problem of the connection of the right and left banks of the river Don - an air cable road. The air metro is ecologically clear, absolutely save (the high resistance to strong winds, and also the high degree of failure in any conditions) and the silent type of passenger transport. Two stations are suggested to Rostovites and guests of the city for comfort using: the multi-level parking and the shopping and entertainment centre on the right and left coasts respectively. This project solves a number of difficult tasks. First of all it combines the functionality and security and at the same time projected buildings completely accord to people's representation about the beauty and the comfort. The creation of the Cable Metro Station allows to solve the transport problem which is typical for big cities, and also it becomes a new sight of our city. Keywords: the transport problem, the cableway, the silent type of passenger transport, multi-level parking, shopping and entertainment centre, the combination of the functionality and security, the constructive scheme - the hard monolithic core, the individualization of the appearance, the unique architectural expressiveness.

    Keywords: transport problem, cable car, silent type of passenger transport, multi-level Parking, shopping and entertainment complex, combination of functionality and safety, constructive scheme - rigid monolithic core, individualization of appearance, unique archit

  • Statistics of programs for improvement in the city of Rostov-on-Don

    The key projects which are carrying out works on improvement in the territory of Rostov-on-Don since 2017 are considered. And also the programs directed to improvement of the urban environment for 2018-2022.

    Keywords: Improvement, gardening, innovations, subprogrammes, municipal programs, rating, works on improvement

  • Application of BIM in evaluation of property and project of EBIM

    Technical progress makes humanity create new technologies and methods in all spheres of life. Evaluation of property also in there. In current moment there are several methods, which are badly obsolete. For example, there are some cases, when building in decrepit or emergency condition were able to buy in cost several times higher than objective cost. These cases aren't unique. New method of evaluation of property could possibly help if not to stop in all appearing of this cases but less their amount. New method is based on Building Information Model (BIM). This model allow take all needed information about building in the currnet moment of time and see in dynamic, how change different indicators of building. This system can be more useful if it associates some amount of building, which differs indicators of interest building and reflecting effects of that building on themselves. This technology can be looked as Extented BIM. Consideration of implementing BIM in evaluation of property has very perspective vay - this can accelerate the time building can be evaluated, and also it let potential client to see all information about building which he need. This makes process of purchase-sale of property more clear, which, by turn, help avoid conflicts when property being researched before purchasing.

    Keywords: Building information model, Building, Evaluation of property, property, BIM, BIM-Technologies, Extented BIM, Using BIM, BIM-Modeling, BIM functions, BIM destination, BIM-model of building

  • Problems of transport infrastructure of the city of Rostov-on-don

    The main problems of Russian transport infrastructure are considered. On the example of European experience the ways of solving these problems are proposed. The article also discusses in more detail the transport situation in the city of Rostov-on-don, what are the problems and how they can be solved in the near future.

    Keywords: transport infrastructure, highways, Parking, concept, neighborhood, traffic flow, car, Parking, building, congestion, flow, disaster

  • Methods for improving of energy-effiiciency of buildings

    The article is devoted to the methods for improving of energy-efficiency of buildings. The article discusses the main facilities affecting the energy-efficiency of the building, ways to minimize energy losses.

    Keywords: Improving of energy-efficiency of buildings, energy losses minimization, efficiency class, energy consumption, actions to reduce resource consumption

  • Analysis othodopererabatyvayuschih plants in Europe

    The article is devoted to acquaintance with foreign ways of recycling and use of secondary resources. The article also discusses the projects of landscaping plants.

    Keywords: waste, secondary material resources, landscaping, recycling, electrical energy, solid residue, chemicals, tightness, burning, filtration, organic matter, decomposition, anaerobic bacteria, energy efficiency, emissions


    The authors considers the sustainable development of the housing stock of a large city from the perspective of four factors: the energy efficiency of buildings under construction and reconstruction; capital repairs of apartment buildings, taking into account their energy requirements; the choice between the building and reconstruction on the criterion of resource costs; management of housing resources on the basis of the requirements of a comfortable stay of owners and improving the quality of exerting-proxy services in the housing sector. According to the authors, for the sustainable development of housing is necessary to apply energy saving modern building materials, products and structures and assess the life cycle of buildings in the choice of organizational and technical decisions on the demolition or renovation of buildings.

    Keywords: Sustainable development, energy-efficient buildings, big city, building, construction, reconstruction

  • Project waste recycling factories in the Southern Federal District

    Inter-municipal environmental waste recycling complex. The article deals with the problem of waste recycling in the Southern Federal District. The article deals with one of the most comprehensive methods to address the problem of the Rostov Region Government.

    Keywords: Municipal solid waste, secondary material resources, inter-municipal waste recycling complex

  • Organizational and technological aspects of sustainable development of the housing stock of the city.

    Examines the organizational and technological aspects of sustainable development of the housing stock of the city. Given the concept of sustainable development and presents the complex issues affecting the sustainable development of society housing stock. Created algorithm to ensure sustainable development of the housing stock of the city. The analysis of system of organizational – technological solutions and of the main forms of housing management in the city.

    Keywords: housing and utilities; sustainable development; housing; organizational and technological; housing services; resource; management; hierarchical; macroscopic; functional; procedural

  • Organization of the Fund the overhaul, as a solution to problems of housing development in the Rostov region

    Main questions of akkumuliruya funds for capital repair of common property. The analysis of the infrastructure of housing and communal services as of 2015 in the Rostov region. Based on the studies, compiled in a tabular fora model of financing capital repairs, and methods of forming the Fund overhaul.

    Keywords: overhaul; infrastructure; housing and utilities; Finance; municipal services; municipal Fund; the method of accumulation; housing services; communal services; regional operator; the homeowners