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  • Simulation modeling of individual's activity in the context of organizational conflicts

    This scientific study presents an analysis of organizational conflicts, as well as problematic aspects of activity in contemporary realities. The effect of organizational conflict on the effectiveness of an individual is shown. The urgency of researching the problem of the activities of the organization’s employees in the context of organizational conflicts, as well as ways to solve them, is given The analysis of the cognitive model. As factors used to reduce tensions in a team, it was proposed to introduce factors for raising qualifications and organizational culture. These factors will influence the target factor - performance. In the course of simulation modeling, it was found that by carrying out activities to improve the skills of employees, measures to increase the level of organizational culture of employees, the organization seeks to reduce tension in the team and, as a result, there is less staff turnover.

    Keywords: simulation modeling, cognitive modeling, functional structural analysis, visual analytics, conflict, organization, model, social tension

  • Filtering algorithms of bioelectric signals

      In this paper we consider the application of digital signal processing techniques to clean them from interference and to present in a special basis, which allows the detection of events related to the manifestation of the functioning of a functional system in health and disease. Implemented mathematical foundation and rapid synthesis methods for converting the signals used in electrophysiology based on the discrete wavelet and Gabor transforms. Filter synthesis using Filter Desing ToolBox package MatLab was observed. 

    Keywords: digital signal processing techniques, rapid synthesis methods, discrete wavelet transform, Gabor transform