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  • The influence of the constructive solution of the frame high-rise building on the economic indication of the investment project

    The article are compared two variants of the frame of a tall building to determine the most optimal model based on the payback period of the investment project. The calculation of economic effect from the outrigger floor frame 24-storey building with underground Parking in the city of Rostov-on-don. Various models of sale of administrative and residential premises are considered and estimated.

    Keywords: outrigger floor, high-rise building, investment model, profitability index, payback period, the model of sales

  • Methods of organization of small business in formation of the system of interaction of the enterprises

    On the level of development of the enterprises of small and average business in housing construction largely depends on the cost price of construction. Technological equipment and production capacity of these enterprises are not fully meet the needs of builders. Many enterprises are experiencing an acute shortage of, as current assets, and funds for modernization and technical re-equipment. As shows the world experience the basis for the successful functioning and development of small enterprises is the interaction of the enterprises in the sphere of small business. In Russian conditions, this form of interaction is extremely important for the transition of the economy to the innovative way of development, which requires constant contacts of the participants of the innovation process, to adjust the production process.

    Keywords: cluster competitiveness, small business, structure of the interaction, the method of organization

  • The mechanism of selection of participants of the cluster structure

    Contract type of regulation of relations ensures the high quality of the transaction operations only in the event of development of market of means of control of the relationship. Such instruments in the first place should include a sufficient number of intermediaries in the commodity markets, the development of information and communication infrastructures, availability of the enterprises of specialized services and units on the implementation of the construction products and the purchase of material and technical resources. Their action leads to high competitiveness of the market of construction products, but with the lack of development of quality of interaction can be achieved through organizational factors through the implementation of certain models of the construction cluster.

    Keywords: cluster competitiveness, small business, structure of the interaction, the method of organization