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  • The development of gas recognition technique using multysensor system for air monitoring

      The problem of air quality control is relevant at the present time. There are a lot of different devices and methods of air monitoring. The promising devices for air monitoring are automated air monitoring systems functioning in real time regime. The basic part of such system is a chemical gas sensor. Gas sensors can be combined into the arrays or so called multisensory systems to increase their effectiveness. Sensor arrays using semiconductor sensors based on SiO2CuOx, SiO2SnOxCuOy, SnOxZrOy, silver-polyacrylonitrile thin films made at department of chemistry and ecology have been investigated in this work. As a result of sensors signals processing gas recognition technique has been developed. The recognition of ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine has been made.

    Keywords: monitoring, massifs of sensors, semiconductor sensors of gases

  • Quantum-chemical analysis of various ways of the organization of polymers based on 3-alkyl pyrroles for gas sensors

      Polypyrrole is a perspective material for gas sensors. Property of polymeric chains can vary largely depending on their packing. Power characteristics are studied. Features of a structure and power tetramers thiophenes with methyl, ethyl, propyl substitutions in position 3 pyrroles a cycle are investigated. The most perspective and stable tetramers are revealed from the thermodynamic point. The estimation of laws of formation of a polymeric chain is spent.  Influence of the assistant on stability tetramers is considered.

    Keywords: Polypyrrole, quantum-chemical research, influence of alkyl substituents, tetramer, cycle, polymeric chain, power tetramers