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  • The problem of implementing a static conical indenter into the region with radial initial stresses

    We consider the problem of pressing a conical indenter in pre-compressed radial force elastoplastic medium. The influence of the initial stresses on the parameters of the indentation.

    Keywords: Diagnostics, resource efficiency, mechanical properties, strength, ductility, hardness, toughness, nondestructive testing, destructive

  • Analysis and calculation of thermal bridges for improvement of residential buildings’ energy efficiency

    In the scope of the article the problem of heat and humidity structural damage’s adverse effect on energy efficient building maintenance is considered. The main object of the research is the calculation and analysis of thermal bridges as a considerable factor, making worse the energy efficient building qualities. First the analysis of the most widely-spread structural damages were examined, then the thermal bridges estimation on the basis of Austrian software „AnTherm“ was carried out which represents an universal software package of thermal bridges damaged structural thermodynamic behaviour’s analysis. The calculation of a 60th year building house’s structural junction of foundation plate and wall was carried out. The results enable us to draw a conclusion that the researched structural junction doesn’t create any conditions for the thermal bridges formation.

    Keywords: energy efficiency, heat and humidity structural damages, thermal bridges, building construction, foundation, foundation wall, foundation plate, thermal resistance, thermal conduction, mineral wool, thermal insulation, transmission loss

  • Apartment buildings of the late 19th and early 20th centuries

      Apartment buildings as a form of mass building cities appeared in the last quarter of the 19th century. The construction of buildings is simpler designs compared to those adopted in the present. They were replaced by buildings constructed in the style of constructivism. They were basically three - five-story, brick. Houses were calculated on a large number of residents, and consisted of a large number of separate sections, often rectangular (or close to it) in terms of form. The buildings were first introduced structural innovations in the form of core hardness (staircases), hard carrying and enclosing envelope (exterior bearing walls), post-and-beam system, vertical communication corridors, lightweight partitions.

    Keywords: restoration, repair,reconstruction, restoration, method

  • Methods of reconstruction of buildings after the Second World War

    Post-war reconstruction of the city of Rostov-on-Don to be divided in to two stages from 14 February 1943. to 1946 and from 1946 to 1956., restore to different choices and features of design and construction. Up to 1946. rehabilitation works are mainly ofthe nature of small repairs of small houses and decoration of apartments. To restor elarge objects started at the end of 1946. A commission was established to restore,which was engaged in the survey of destroyed buildings and made decision sab out the method of recovery. Methods: repair, reconstruction with elements of restoration and reconstruction. Among design organizations involved in the restoration of Rostov special place"Gorproekt."

    Keywords: restoration, repair, reconstruction, restoration, method

  • The Movement of Bridge Cranes With Conical Wheels

    Considered the actual issues for nuclear power plants related to ensuring the normal operation of a running part of bridge cranes with conical wheels

    Keywords: Bridge cranes; geometrical theory of motion; lateral deviation of wheels

  • General Principles of Technical Diagnostics of Bridge Cranes

    Considered the actual issues for nuclear power plants related to ensuring the normal operation of a running part of bridge cranes. General methodology of technical diagnostics of the crane was developed.

    Keywords: Bridge cranes; geometrical theory of motion; lateral deviation of wheels

  • Diagnostic Method of the Geometric Parameters of a Running Part of Radial Operation Bridge Cranes

    Considered the actual issues for nuclear power plants related to ensuring the normal operation of a running part of radial operation bridge cranes

    Keywords: Bridge cranes; geometrical theory of motion; lateral deviation of wheels

      Now the close attention is paid to a subject of low construction. It is caused by that this category of housing is the perspective direction of development of housing stock of the Russian Federation as corresponds to such criteria as availability, convenience, speed of construction and environmental friendliness. On the basis of the analysis of classification signs author's classification of objects of low construction depending on a site, level the income is given, to periodicity of accommodation, existence of the land lot, quantity of floors, constructive decisions, qualities of furnish, a view of the uninhabited square, existence of additional structures, safety, such as the settlement, quality of architectural study. Questions of town-planning regulation and stages of preparation of territories of low construction are mentioned.

    Keywords: affordable housing, low construction, innovative programs, classification signs

      In article authors carry out the analysis of volumes of construction and housing input in the Russian Federation, on regions of the Russian Federation and the Rostov region in particular, security of the population with housing counting on one inhabitant, dynamics of input of individual housing, dynamics of the prices.

    Keywords: housing construction, analysis of dynamics of construction, individual housing

  • "Stress-strain" diagram of concrete in the state of passive lateral compression

    Denotes aneedin an engineering analytical correspondence between the loadand longitudinal strains of the composite columns. Experimental data on concrete longitudinal strains in the state of passive lateral compression are presented. The generalized form of correspondence for curvilinear "stress-strain" diagramof concrete the state of passive lateral compression is given.

    Keywords: composite columns, "stress-strain"diagram, passive lateral compression of the concrete

  • Methodology for calculation of the strength of the crane building designs hydroelectric power station building

    The method of estimation of safety of bearings build constructions is considered during work of crane with a maximal carrying capacity. The calculation chart of building and variants of appendix of power influences is analyzed. The results of instrumental inspections of materials of build constructions are conducted. The calculations of build constructions of building are realized on the standardized programmatic complex. On results test calculations a conclusion is done about possibility of safe.

    Keywords: building structures, methods of calculation, load, safety, strength, deformation, fittings, reinforced concrete

  • Resistance keramzito-fiber-reinforced concrete columns nemnogokratno repeated loading

    The effect of not repeatedly re-exposure to the compressive strength of concrete elements of expanded clay-fiber concrete. The experimental results of reinforced concrete columns after repeated unambiguous and alternating loadings. The influence of repeated loading regimes on the bearing capacity, deformation and fracture of columns. Proposed dependence of the bearing capacity of the columns on the level of repeated loadings.
    Keywords: Keramzitofibrobeton, bearing capacity, crack, deformation, reinforced concrete column, mixed reinforcement.


  • Features of technical diagnostics it is long maintained water carrying out constructions

    Results of technical diagnostics are given is long maintained water carrying out constructions nondestructive control methods on an example of irrigating systems of the South of Rossi. Possibility of use of devices of nondestructive control is especially noted at inspection them that allows operatively, without additional damages, to receive an objective assessment of their technical condition. When using this approach there is a possibility justification of parameters of defects and damages which it is impossible to establish at visual survey.

    Keywords: the hydraulic engineering constructions which are water carrying out channels, nondestructive control methods, modeling, a technical condition.

  • Job keramzito fiber concretes columns with repeated loads

    The influence of non-multi - repeated loads on columns of keramzito fibrobetona. Comparative results of tests Depends on the flexibility of columns, the eccentricity of the external force, the coefficient of reinforcement options and loading. The obtained results suggest that repeated loading nemnogokratno increase the carrying capacity of columns, compared with a single loading. This is especially effective for columns with low flexibility and small eccentricities external force.
    Keywords: stand, keramzitofibrozhelezobeton, bearing capacity, nemnogokratno repeated loading, mixed reinforcement flexibility.