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  • Construction of parking lots in crowded urban areas

    The article is devoted to the problem of shortage of parking spaces in Rostov-on-Don, as well as domestic and foreign experience in the construction of above-ground parking spaces in crowded conditions prevailing urban environment. As a solution considered construction of automatic car parks in the walls of the old damaged buildings, as one of the components of the program of the Administration of Rostov to improve the traffic situation in the city. The article shows few examples of functioning of such parking lots in Moscow, Budapest, Detroit (Ohio, USA). Also the article concludes about the opportunities and challenges of the work on the adaptation of buildings for parking in Rostov-on-Don.

    Keywords: automatic parking, restoration, preservation, historic building facade

  • Determination of deflections of beams with corrugated web with the shear strain

    This article is devoted to the analytical determination of deflections of beams with corrugated web. The reduced shear modulus which must be considered when determining the components deflection from of the shear strain in the beam with corrugated web is defined. Applying the energy method in the form of the Ritz, the problem of determining deflections with considering of bending strain and shear strain is solved. This article, as an example, is considered simply supported beam on both sides of constant and variable cross-section and are given to the final formulas according with three kinds of loading. The results of the calculation of the numerical examples for the three main shapes of corrugated web are submitted. Numerical results with great accuracy are consistent with calculations based on the finite element method.

    Keywords: beams, corrugated web, energy, work, deflection, shear strain

  • Software for stereovisualization of FEM simulating results

    The presented work extends the state-of-art of visualization construction simulations in three dimensions (3D). Classical computer graphics methods can be used to instrument construction models to automatically generate dynamic visualizations of any construction models. The visualization problem of FEM analysis is considered. A description is presented of programs of convertation and visualization of results of finite element method analysis of geodesic domes.

    Keywords: simulation, computer graphics, geodesic domes, finite element method, convertation, visualization

  • design features kindergartens

    The article describes the experience of designing buildings of kindergartens abroad. Recommendations for inclusion in the structure kindergartens new functional groups of rooms : classrooms ( or workshop ) for painting or sculpture , rooms for classes choreography, sensory rooms , apartments or head teachers. When designing recommended organically fit into the existing landscape building ( in kindergarten should be an " openness" to nature ) , to consider the relationship of individual children's gaming halls inside the building with playgrounds on the street. Open and semi patios appropriately addressed as the gaming space . Particular attention should be given to the color scheme of exteriors and interiors , use of natural materials.

    Keywords: kindergarten, architecture of kindergarten, kindergarten abroad, foreign experience in designing, designing kindergartens

  • On matters concerning improvement of energy performance of multi-storey housing blocks

    At the present stage, energy-efficient construction is one of the important issues included in the legislation in most countries. One of the promising ways of lowering thermal energy demand for heating is to reduce heat losses with air exchange in buildings, which accounts for over 60% of heat loss.
    Civilizational development of the society is only possible with the decrease in specific energy consumption and economical use of heat. The article discusses the main methods to improve energy performance of buildings under construction and operation. It also addressed issues of investment in energy efficiency projects. The article substantiates the effectiveness of the combined extract and input ventilation with heat recovery of vented emissions in Rostov- on-Don.  

    Keywords: energy conservation, improvement of the energy efficiency, efficiency assessment, investment, energy-saving measures.

  • The studying of oscillations of the corpulent cantilever rod model with a defect

    Defined criteria for identification of defect parameters, on the basis of the analysis of the different modes of own fluctuations, with the use of finite element modal calculation console corpulent model of a rod with a single defect. Developed finite element model of a universal complex . Considered corpulent (3-d) model on the basis of 3D finite element Solid92. When solving the problem considered on 26 oscillation modes depending on the size of the defect and its location.

    Keywords: Damaged, defective, swing, cantilever, frequency

  • Modelling of rods with defects with different types of fastening

    The task of identification of defects in rods with different variants of fastening. In the basis of lies method parameter identification based on an analysis of the frequencies and parameters of natural modes of the structure. Built model of the rod design has defects fluctuations, using finite element of the complex 

    Keywords: Defect, damage, rod, the oscillations of the cantilever rod

  • Problems of designing a new school complex for 1,400 students in a residential area "Leventsovsky" the city of Rostov-on-Don

    This article discusses the design of complete large- schools, school building maintenance problems complexes contradictions relevant requirements of normative documents . Analyzes the space-planning decisions , tsvetofakturnye using modern environmentally friendly and durable materials and technologies in the finish, including vandal-proof coating. Designers have been carefully studied dedicated land for future construction of a school complex with a view to the most rational "landing" of the school building , to provide the necessary sanitary requirements , insolation and aeration territory , reliable solution that reduces the cost of running the building.

    Keywords: design, stroiteotstvo, space-planning decisions, decoration, interior

  • Improvement of methods for extending the life cycle of the technical condition of long-exploited water conveyance facilities

    In this article the basic parameters required for residual life assessment and life extension of the technical condition of water or long operated facilities. Inlet water or prolonged use many facilities design elements out of order it - complete destruction of concrete structures water conveyance structures, the formation of defects, normal operational performance of the design water conveyance facilities, such as violation of butt joints, as well as the destruction of the individual elements of the structure, etc. During the development of methods for extending the life cycle of water conveyance structures are obtained by the use of impervious geotextile cover that make for a correct evaluation of residual life of structures may extend its operational life cycle. The question arises of the need for correct and timely manner and to assess the remaining amount of the carrying capacity of water conveyance structures, to evaluate the technical condition and extend its life cycle. To do this, we can apply the proposed impervious geotextile cover. 

    Keywords: hydraulic structures, water-conducting structures, life cycle, residual life, technical condition

  • Design and Art School in paragraph Alexandrovka, Rostov-on-Don

    This article discusses the implementation of the Children's Art School in additional pre-service education programs. Additional education poses the problem corrections professional training plans and programs for the development of the educational process. The aim of any school , including the school of arts is - provide an opportunity for the development of multifaceted abilities of each student's development needs and readiness for self-education , and for this it is necessary to create the conditions for such an educational environment that will allow full self-realization of every child regardless of the family's capacity and power giftedness.

    Keywords: design, stroiteotstvo, space-planning decisions, decoration, interior

  • Cracking of reinforced-concrete elements with holes during torsion and during torsion wist

    Cracking of reinforced-concrete elements with holes is examined. Comparison of theoretical and experiment moments of crack’s  formation during torsion, and during intensive torsion with twist. Formula for practical calculations of cracking of reinforced-concrete elements with holes during torsion and formula for estimate of cracking of reinforced-concrete elements with holes during intensive torsion with twist is suggested.

    Keywords: Crack, twist, torsion, reinforced-concrete, elements, hole, beam

  • Optimization method for static calculation of construction designs with the use of probabilistic laws with restrictions

    The article deals with the analysis of the application of the method of NS. Strelets for the static calculation of construction structures. It is proposed on the basis of the probabilistic-statistical method NS. Streletsky instead of the normal laws for operating voltages and strength apply laws with a shift, in particular, the law of the Weibull with three parameters and the Fisher-Тippet. It is proposed to make the transition to the parameters of the totality of the finite volume that will allow to increase the accuracy of calculation of probability of failure-free operation and the proposed probabilistic safety, and also to optimize the probability of trouble-free operation of construction structures

    Keywords: optimization, design, construction, steel, sample, weibull, fisher-tippet

  • Stylistic features of eclecticism in the central part of the city of Rostov-on-Don at the turn of XIX - XX centuries.

    The article is devoted to the peculiarities of eclecticism in the central part of the city of Rostov-on-Don at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries. The Russian architecture in the years 1840-1850. prevailing eclecticism. All the variety of its variants is reduced in the Russian architecture in two varieties: the first of which dates back to the tradition of a warrant (neogrek, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, pampeyansky), and the second - to the non-classical heritage (Byzantine, Russian, Gothic, Romanesque styles). In Rostov architecture became widespread both varieties. This was facilitated not only the diversity of life in the city, the intensive development of trade industry, generating a variety of new types of buildings, but also the technical progress by which the means of production have changed.

    Keywords: city​​, eclectic architecture, building, shape

  • Particular style of Constructivism as an example of the historical center of the city of Rostov-on-Don

    The article is devoted to a brief presentation style features Constructivism in the city of Rostov-on-Don. The construction boom in the city begins with the 1920s, a new style of Constructivism, had already fully declared itself in the capital. In the early 1930's. architectural development in Rostov took the path of development of the principles of the avant-garde. The very principles and forms of avant-garde come to the Rostov practice with some delay - as a kind of well-established tradition, continuity of development projects in Rostov architects

    Keywords: city​​, style, shape, avantgarde facade

  • The relationship concepts of post-war reconstruction Chairman of the Committee on Architecture AG Mordvinova, academician of architecture VN Semyonov, the chief architect of the city of Rostov-on-Don Ya Rehbein the example of post-war reconstruction of th

    "Examines the relationship of the concepts on the example of post-war reconstruction of post-war reconstruction of the city of Rostov-on-Don.
    In 1945, the Chairman of the Committee on Architecture AG Mordvinov announced seven conditions under which you can create the city.
    In 1945, the development of the urban plan of rebuilding the city of Rostov-on-Don was appointed academician of architecture VN Semenov.
    In 1949. master plan was finalized at the construction site.
    In general, the basic idea of the architect was executed. Among the fifteen cities prone to restore the city of Rostov was restored in all seven conditions put forward by the Chairman and the Committee for Architecture AG Mordvinov, projected architecture academician VN Semenov and given a reality by means of the chief architect of YA Rehbein."  

    Keywords: master plan, concept, post-war reconstruction, the condition of the city

  • Features of construction of civil buildings in the existing urban development

    Today, there are a large number of systems and models of construction of multi-storey buildings, designed and constructed in the city of Rostov-on-Don. High-rise buildings have significant features that distinguish them from traditional buildings. Design of such buildings is solved in a frame-monolithic design and involves attention to a number of problems. Updated building codes (SP), which appeared last years the regulatory approach to the design and construction of high-rise buildings.

    Keywords: high-rise building, monitoring, increased requirements, fire safety

  • Monitoring and calculation of residual life of emergency bridge crossings through water-conducting structures

      Modelling results of technical state of long-operated bridge crossings across conveyance structures are given in the article. As a result of the experiment a solid-state model for bearing element of a bridge crossing across conveyance canals was constructed. The stress-strain state of ferroconcrete bearing elements under various load combinations is considered. As a result of numerical experiments carried out zones of forming defects and damages on bearing elements of bridge crossings across conveyance canals were marked out. These zones may have characteristic damages of the same type that makes it possible to regulate the process of laying georadar sounding profiles and defining points in which it is necessary to measure concrete strength when conducting inspections on location. In this connection modeling defects on a column by way of formation voids and ferroconcrete unseals with diameters from 50 mm to 100 mm was carried out. Intensive danger threshold for forming voids and ferroconcrete unseals beginning from 100 mm diameter was fixed.

    Keywords: hydraulic structures, conveyance structures, bridge crossings, operation monitoring, modeling, technical state, solid-state model, danger threshold, voids, unseals

  • The use of software and hardware solutions to the complex problems of the operational monitoring and determination of residual life of water conveyance facilities

    Software and hardware solution for the operational monitoring of the technical state of water conveyance structures designed to determine the various parameters of defects and damages, as well as of the forecast period the residual life of their members. It can be used to estimate the geometric parameters of each defect, namely - the location, depth, width, height, and operational evaluation of residual life - namely, predicting the total number of cycles of freezing and thawing, as the last for the period of operation, and the remaining to loss of bearing capacity of concrete elements water conveyance structures, and complex influence of several factors on the reliability of the plant and the most characteristic of them is abrasion, leaching processes and the degree of wear on sites with different hydraulic characteristics. Software and hardware solution can be equipped with various combinations of frames, copies the form of water conveyance structures.

    Keywords: the hydraulic engineering constructions which are water carrying out channels, nondestructive control methods, a residual resource, modeling, and a technical condition

      At present the results of a visual inventory of most of the water bearing structures in Russia is in a state that requires a major overhaul. Practice shows that, after this period of time, facilities continue to operate without being replaced by new ones, and sometimes even without a thorough reconstruction, to restore and reconstruct the existing structures on the basis of emerging new and previously used reliable technology. The object of the study was considered Tashla underwater pipeline right-Yegorlykskaya channel. In the numerical formulation of mathematical experiment task was to scientifically determine the reliability of structures for such a long life (50 years), with different types of defects and damage. All calculations were performed on a certain software product SolidWorks, which is based on the method of finite elements and superelements.

    Keywords: hydraulic structures, water-conducting channels, inverted siphons, non-destructive inspection methods, modeling, technical condition.

      In article the key parameters necessary for an assessment of a residual resource are considered and the conclusion, about lack of an effective method of an assessment of a residual resource for hydraulic engineering constructions is drawn. An overall objective of carrying out operational monitoring of a technical condition of water carrying out constructions are identification of deterioration of degree of physical wear, the reasons causing their condition, the actual operability of elements and development of actions for providing their various operational parameters, and also the description of a technical condition. The risk of failures and defects on vulnerable objects which many water carrying out constructions - tunnels, channels concern, dyuker, lotkovy channels and pipelines is most dangerous.

    Keywords: the hydraulic engineering constructions which are water carrying out channels, nondestructive control methods, a residual resource, modeling, a technical condition.

  • Features of carrying out of complex natural inspections of the objects subject to reconstruction

    The technique of carrying out of inspections of buildings is considered{ at their reconstruction with use of scientific methods of researches (a method expert estimations other). The analysis of the received results allows to develop technical decisions of restoration of reliability of work of designs

    Keywords: Reconstruction of buildings, natural inspections, method of expert estimations, operational reliability of designs

  • To a question of a choice of protection of building designs at the enterprises with excited environments

    The question on the scientifically-grounded choice of protection of building designs at the enterprises with excited environments which mechanism on materials of designs is insufficiently investigated is considered. (aggressive technological environments of the medical enterprises)

    Keywords: Corrosion destructions, building designs, excited environments, protection against corrosion

  • The use of modern flame retardants to repair fire-retardant cable coating end of life cycle

    The possibility of carrying out the repair work intumescent fire retardant coating of cable type, end-of-life and Regulated lost their fire-resistance rating, with modern high-performance flame retardant formulations vspuchichvayuschihsya

    Keywords: Retardant cable coating, fire-retardant efficiency, lifetime, maintenance and rehabilitation

  • On the choice of mixing hydraulic elevator

    Joining of heating systems to heat networks through dependent scheme for a low required pressure always causes with some difficulties in the selection of hydraulic elevator mixing. The article deals with the usage of a certain method of calculation with certain adjustments for a particular purpose of heating of a residential building. The calculated data can be compared with reference values from the specified literature. The method used is to be accepted with minimal required pressure (98÷118 kPa) before the elevator mixing.

    Keywords: Hydraulic elevator, pressure differential, heating system, required pressure, law of energy conservation.

  • Construction of high-rise buildings

    The concept of high-rise building. The concept of a skyscraper. The installation conditions of these buildings. Structural basis for high-rise buildings. Installation of kernel hardness. Sustainability and spatial rigidity of high-rise buildings. Way to perform a monolithic kernel hardness. Particularly the construction of high-rise buildings in hot climates. Technology features pouring concrete in hot climates. The implementation of "green" ideas to improve the environmental situation in the region. Reducing the need for air conditioning. The use of monolithic construction. Life-support system in a tall building.

    Keywords: tall buildings, skyscrapers, kernel hardness, prestressed concrete, hot climate, the life support system