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  • Synthesis of protein products. Receipt of black caviar

    In article possibility of reception of an artificial foodstuff, in particular, artificial black caviar, both in laboratory, and in a life with a view of creation of is minimum necessary conditions for preservation of a life and health of people in extreme situations is considered. Initial products is foodstuff with application of the harmless components applied in the food-processing industry, as dyes.

    Keywords: Caviar black, gelatin, cod-liver oil, a herring brine, , silver nitrate

  • "Blooming" blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) - a variety of emergency situations in reservoirs

    Strengthening of processes of eutrophication and toxification reservoirs examined in the aspect of emergency. Shows the negative effects of "bloom" of blue-green mikrvodorosley and proposed approaches to localization and liquidation of emergency situations caused by their massive development.

    Keywords: emergencies, water, cyanobacteria, "bloom" of blue-green algae, toxification, eutrophication

  • Conditions of formation of debris flows in the Pšeha River basin

    Conditions of forming mud flows in Pšeha River basin Briefly outlines the formation of solids debris flows in the Pšehi tectonic-dependent geographical, geomorphological, geological, lithological, meteorological, soil-rastitel′nymh and anthropogenic factors.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • Society Against Terrorism

      The article gives a brief analysis of the development and improvement of the international legal framework against terrorism. Special attention should be subject to counter nuclear, chemical and biological terrorism. Proposed a set of measures in preventing the kinds of terrorism, which can lead to disaster. The material suggests what should be the general direction and priority measures in the fight against terrorism.

    Keywords: Terrorism, Disaster, Fighting, Security, Anti, Interaction

  • Status and prospects fire training population

      The article provides a description of the current state of the fire preparing the population. Analysis of regulations concerning fire safety issues, led to the conclusion that many of them are of a formal nature and hence can not be implemented due to lack of funding. Determine the appropriate level of knowledge and skills in the field of fire safety in daily life and work. The basic priorities for long-term development of the fire propagation and teaching people fire safety measures.

    Keywords: Fire, Safety, People, Perspective, Education, Advocacy

  • Emergencies associated with mudslides in the Northern Caucasus

    Contains information about the conditions of formation of mudflows, types and genesis of landslides in the last century and the first decade of the 21st century on the territory of the North Caucasus, the number of those mudslides, committed in the North Caucasus in the period 2002-2011, the number of municipalities affected by mudflow danger on the territory of the North Caucasus in 2010 year The article contains a table 4. Bibliography-3 title.

    Keywords: debris, nanosovodnye, mud flows, mudflows with rainwater Genesis, glacial debris flows, mixed with glacier-rain sat down, snow, mixed snow-rain sat, sat limnogennye

  • Long-term forecast of development and study of mud on a mountain in Karachay-cherkessia. Protection measures against floods

    The article summarizes the possible changes in the nature of mudflow activity on the basis of projected changes in the natural environment. Proposed main areas of further study of the mud and prevent mudflow threat, organizational, economic, agricultural and technical measures of protection against floods, weakening the mudflow activity in mountain areas from floods, warning seleopasnost′ and protecting from mudflow threat. The article contains. Bibliography-3 title.

    Keywords: torrents, mudflow activity, protection measures against floods