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  • Features of neural network modeling the inverse problem

    This paper investigates the possibility of applying neural networks to problems of reverse calculation of multi-layered road structure. The paper considers networks with different architecture. To improve the conditions of convergence are applied the back-propagation procedure with automatic selection step, different types of activation functions with varying parameters.

    Keywords: neural networks, inverse problems, polutorospalny predictor, the two-layer perceptron, the approximation of the activation function

  • Analysis of method of discovering synsets representing identical concepts

    The paper analyses a method of detecting synsets representing the same concepts. The analyzed method is based on the assumption that two synonyms define a certain meaning (or concept/sense). According to this, if a couple of synsets has at least two common words, these synsets represent identical concepts. It is clear that a concept should not appear in a thesaurus twice. Hence, this method can be used to clean the synsets of lexical resources. However, this criterion of synsets similarity has not yet been studied. The paper describes an experiment in which the data from open Russian thesaurus YARN was used and a survey among Russian native-speakers was conducted. The result of the experiment showed that the precision of the criterion of synsets similarity is 73%.

    Keywords: lexical resource, dictionary, Wiki dictionary, crowd sourcing, a thesaurus, a synonym, a number of synonymous, semantic relations, similarity measure, Russian language

  • The matematical model for predicting the ecological condition of the ponds on example of the Volgograd agglomeration

    This article about mathematical model of determination of quality of ecological state of water properties in Volgograd agglomeration ponds. The model is based on statistical date on the main pollutants in natural waters, with the possibility of forecasting.

    Keywords: qualiti, water, surface water, ponds, balance, dependence, factor, criterion, model.

  • Design and modeling of three-loop control system of an electromagnetic bearing

    Purpose: In the first part of the article gives analysis of the impact of various types of the regulators (PI controller, relay and relay operating in sliding mode) on the quality of the transition process in the current loop. It is shown that the best performance in speed and overshoot has a relay regulator operating in sliding mode. In the second part of the article describes a three-loop control system of an electromagnetic bearing gas blower with the capacity of 16 MW The methodology of the work : to calculate the regulator used the method of transfer functions. A switch regulator operating in the sliding mode is used as a current regulator, and to determine the parameters of the speed controller and of the position controller, adjustment onto the modular optimum is performed. The analysis of the transition processes in the three-loop control system is performed in «MatlabSimulink» software. Results: in the result of modelling the electromagnetic bearing control system, transient phenomena by controlling and perturbation actions are obtained. The results are used in the construction of the control system electromagnetic bearing blower pumping unit at the compressor station «Pomarskaya»

    Keywords: electromagnetic bearing, three-loop control system, the current loop, relay regulator, modular optimum.

  • Task analysis identification of the distribution law of random processes

    In the article the general analysis identification of the problem for the law of the probability distribution of the observed random process (structural-parametric identification and comparative analysis of modern methods of identification of probability distributions showed, that at the present time to solve this problem is widespread method of normalized range (R/S analysis). Use this method when selecting a parametric model of the probability distribution best fits the experimental results, and minimal assumptions about the process under study and sufficient stability analysis of time series describing the investigated process. Information analysis method normalized range allowed us to propose a modified method for identification of the distribution law of random processes based on the normalized range (R/S analysis), for which the expressions for the elasticity and conditionality.

    Keywords: diagnosis of technical systems, the method of normalized amplitude (RS analysis), method of Hirst, information analysis, the conditionality of the problem, the elasticity of the task

  • A mathematical model of load node with equivalent electroreceivers

    As part of the mathematical model of ship electrical loading unit with the equivalent power consumptions and compensating device connected to the non-ideal power source, the issue of identification of its parameters in order to reduce the duration of the voltage change in dynamic modes by generating capacitive reactive power in the load node.

    Keywords: Voltage fluctuations, reactive power, mathematical model, voltage regulation, load node

  • The formation of the fractal model magnetoplasma electrodynamic accelerator

    The article considers the problem of constructing a fractal model magnetoplasma electrodynamic accelerator. Modeling such a complex system is defined as the process of computing a generalized solution of the Fokker–Planck–Kolmogorov equation, describing real physical processes in hereditary (hereditarity) systems. The obtained Markov model, which determines the navigation system on multifractal sets of States along the trajectory of dispersal in a magnetoplasma electrodynamic accelerator, according to the research, is determined by the fractal dimension and the mathematical apparatus of generalized fractional derivatives of Riemann-Liouville. We have investigated the solutions of this equation, obtained after synthesis for fractional derivatives of Riemann–Liouville. The transition to fractional order derivative in time allows to take into account the temporal and spatial effects of system memory, processes in which processes are classified as "residual" memory, part of which is preserved, and the other part corresponds to irreversible losses.

    Keywords: magnetoplasma electrodynamic accelerator (ED), hereditary (hereditarity) model of the system, the equation of the Fokker–Planck–Kolmogorov, fractional derivatives of Riemann–Liouville

  • The optimization algorithm of forming "processing windows" using satellite technology

    The algorithm of "technology box" using satellite technology special self-propelled railway rolling stock in the repair of infrastructure of railway transport. The algorithm includes not only the requirements of traffic safety, but also the specifics of the exchange of operational information on the basis of data received from the onboard equipment GLONASS installed on the mobile-repair technique. Shows the use of satellite technology to the organization and conduct of "technological Windows" in order to monitor the implementation of the terms of a supply special self-propelled rolling stock to the place of work, observance of technological schedule of repair works in real time, decreasing the influence of the human factor in obtaining information on the progress and movement parameters used equipment.

    Keywords: the process window, satellite technology, special self-propelled rolling stock, ferrying, the connecting station, the technology works, the algorithm

  • System collects construction parameters of intelligent building based on fiber optic sensors

    In this paper, discuss principal technical problems of smart home and building. Following factors impact and effect on the physical properties: mechanical, chemical, biological, air, acoustic vibration..., which affect quality of life and especially house condition. We derive requirements of each type of sensor systems that used in the control and smart home management. Were formed classification of sensors on subsystems, which should be placed in the responsibility area of smart home management system, in order to provide a comprehensive and com-plete data collection about state of smart home. The authors emphasize advantages and possible replacement of fiber optic sensors to measure some main parameters, which are required for monitoring and control smart home. In addition, they focus on fiber optic strain gauges to monitor the status of the house foundations. Introduced an optical fiber sensor structure. Analyze structure, technical parameters and even the operating principles of each sensor component. The sensor is contained some main elements: LED, force transmission plate, sensor (fiber optic cable), metal enclosure, panel, fiber optic cable. This article suggests some options for using fiber optic sensors to monitor the foundations building condition.

    Keywords: Smart home, intelligent building management, the factor acting on the building, sensor, fiber optic material, sensor, fiber optic sensor, deformation, design, building foundation

  • Use of the device of queueing networks for analytical and numerical modeling of an information system without considering the influence of blockings

    Using a device of close homogeneous exponential queueing networks (QN) a mathematical model of an information system functiouning without considering influence of blockings was worked out. A proccessor and the united resourse "channel - external memory" are considered as shared resources. All the users' requests are assumed to be single and homogeneous and the servicing discipline "First Come First Served" is used for sequence of their execution. Analytic expressions are given for calculation of the integral characteristics of the system: the distribuition law of number of messages in a system, the average number of messages at a node, the average sojourn time of a message at a node, the average sojourn time of a message in a system.

    Keywords: data base, blocking, queueing network, servicing discipline for messages, exponential distribution law, conceptual model, state space, the global balance equation, normalizing constant, stationary probability, the distribuition law of number of messages

  • The usage of the parametric methods of statistics in the oil field equipment diagnostics

    The methods of the diagnostics and oil-and-gas installations state analysis reliability increasing based on usage of the parametric methods of statistics are discussed in this paper. The variance analysis of the mechanical properties of the pump rods made of normalized steel is given in this paper (according to the data of the manufacturing plant for the period of 10 years). It is found that breaking point and yield stress are distributed with the truncated normal laws in the region of minimum values. The obtained average values and variation coefficients of the mechanical properties within the steel grade permit to calculate the statistically significant changes of the mechanical characteristics. The correlations between Vickers hardness and breaking point (Vickers hardness and yield stress) in the case of steels produced in the Russian Federation for the pressure-operated vessels are also presented in this paper. These correlations permit to determine the strength characteristics with the relative error of 12% according to the hardness value. In the case of transferring the obtained correlations on the steels produced in Japan the systematic underestimation of the yield stress is 0,85 fold with respect to the value given in the certificate. The factors that influence on the microanalysis sensitivity and accuracy are revealed, the optimal scanning electron microscope mode and research conditions for the chosen patterns are also determined. Evaluation of the systematic inaccuracy of determining the carbon content in the steel is obtained in this paper. It is found that the measurement error for the scan area from 3 x 3 to 20 x 20 mm and accelerating voltage from 10 to 15 kv is minimal. The usage of the obtained results permits to increase the validity of the findings in the diagnosed installations condition evaluation and determining the conditions of their further exploitation.

    Keywords: diagnostics, oil field equipment, parametric statistics, variance analysis, precision of measurements, mechanical properties, microanalysis

  • The problem of finding the cargo optimal placement on a cargo spacecraft board

    The main mission of a cargo spacecraft is a cargo delivery on the ISS. The cargo positioning on the spacecraft board is realized on the Earth according to certain rules. The main limitations of the cargo positioning is the weight limitation, the volume limitation, the mass center limitation and the unloading sequence on the ISS. If the mass center deviation will be greater than a some default value, the replacement of cargo must be performed. It maybe more than one cargo replacement realized that leads to increase of complexity and duration of the spacecraft prepare procedure. So, the problem of aprioristic finding the cargo optimal placement on a cargo spacecraft board arises. The solution of this problem will make it possible to give some advice on the optimal cargo placement to the staff performing the spacecraft prepare procedure.

    Keywords: cargo spacecraft, cargo placement, weight, volume, mass center, unloading sequence, optimal placement

  • Techniques for organizing and scoring laboratory works in blended and online automated training

    It is very important to use laboratory works in the education process for forming necessary engineering and science student competences. The need for using special equipment or software for organizing these classes is a real challenge in blended and online automated training. The existing techniques for organizing laboratory works using remote laboratories, virtual laboratories and simulators, remote virtual-real laboratories and at-home lab kits in Russia and abroad were observed in the paper. The existing techniques for scoring these works were observed. The blended and online implementation of the laboratory works in class “Design of automated system of data processing and control” was organized in face-to-face education process. The problems working against blended and online implementation of these works were defined and removed. Also the most preferable form of laboratory work implementation was defined. The using of automated laboratory work scoring enabled to reduce the scoring time significantly.

    Keywords: laboratory work, online learning, blended learning, face-to-face learning, automated training, automated scoring, scoring technique, massive open online course, virtual laboratory, remote laboratory, learning efficiency, simulator, at-home lab kit

  • An iterative method for solving systems of linear equations using the q-gradient

    The purpose and objectives of this work is to develop methods of iterative methods for solving systems of linear equations. Achieving the goals and objectives achieved by the development of an iterative method using the apparatus q-differentiation. With the software package Matlab Computational experiments, which resulted in the performance of the proposed method is confirmed.

    Keywords: system of linear equations, the objective function, the gradient method, iterative method, modeling, algorithm, function extremum, q-derivative, relative error, norm of the vector, the conditionality of the problem

  • A modification of the method of the least squares solution of systems of linear equations using the formalism of quantum analysis

    The purpose and objectives of this work consist in the development of regularization methods for solving systems of linear equations. For their achievements in this paper we propose a modified least squares method for solving systems of linear equations, which is based on the use of q-differentiation. Calculations based on a test of task performed in Matlab mathematical package, confirmed the adequacy of the method and in some cases have shown its advantage over traditional methods for the regularization of systems of linear equations.

    Keywords: system of linear equations, the objective function, the gradient method, iterative method, modeling, algorithm, function extremum, q-derivative, relative error, norm of the vector, the conditionality of the problem

  • Parameters selection of load testing using fuzzy logic for monitoring systems

    The article considers the method of parameters selection of the stress testing parameters of the load testing system, which is used to evaluate the performance of a distributed monitoring system. The proposed method on the use of intelligent technologies, namely the fuzzy logic is based. The novelty of the proposed method in comparison with existing methods is use both fuzzy logic and feedback. Feedback allows getting information about the parameters of server performance of monitoring system and timely adjusting of parameters of the test system, providing the required load on server of monitoring system. A method of fuzzy logic allows responding flexibly to changing the state of the monitoring system, without human intervention, using the information obtained through feedback. To illustrate the proposed method was implemented in an experimental load testing system. Further experimental verification was performed of the implemented load testing system on a simple monitoring system. The final part of the article presents the results of the experiment. The experimental results show that the proposed method allows keeping the required load on the monitoring system server with various changes of states of its work.

    Keywords: fuzzy logic, feedback, load testing, monitoring system

  • The level of latent socio-political conflicts of DSTU students for mid-2015

    The results of processing of experimental data obtained during the pilot survey, completed in June 2015 among the 3rd year students of DSTU. As a measure of impending conflict was used the level of emotional perception r local and Central political orders. It was normalized from -1 (negative order) to +1 (acceptance of order). The basis of measurements on the method of semantic differential Charles Osgood. Using the theory of ideal points Coombs, levels of perception calculated in the linear approximation and on the previously developed model in the framework of catastrophe theory. Shows the distribution of respondents by levels of emotional perception, calculated by the multi-agent modeling program Any Logic. Obtained that on average the studied audience perceives the local government is neutral (r=0,04). However, 39% of respondents perceive the local order is negative, 53% were positive. To the Central government, on average, the ratio is slightly positive (r=0,13). Negative emotional perception is characterized by 23%, positive – 60%.

    Keywords: the emotional perception of the local political order, the Central political order, semantic differential, linear approximation, modeling, catastrophe theory, multi-agent approach, the distribution function, individual level

  • Adapted method of determining the level the desired stock in the management of material flows of projects of development

    Development of new products, the organization of new services, etc. are possible with the use approaches of project management in companies. For the successful implementation of such projects should pay attention on the management of materials resources of the project and focus on the inventory management. Projects are characterized by presence of time constraints and financial limitations therefore achieve increased profits and reduce deficit of capital is possible by calculating the desired level of stock. In article the approaches to the determination of the desired level of stock were describes, taking into account fluctuations of duration of delivery, of uncertainty of demand for material resources and the accepted level of service. Adapted the method of finding the desired level of stock was designed, which allows to make adjustments to the changing conditions of the flowing of projects, given the experience of their implementation, justified make decisions and efficient to use of funds project.

    Keywords: project of development, material resource, inventory management, desired level of stock, level of service, adapted method

  • Determination of the chromatic set of fuzzy temporal graph

    In this paper, the concept of chromatic set of fuzzy temporal graph is introduced. Chromatic set of fuzzy temporal graph is a generalization of one side of a fuzzy, but on the other hand - temporal graphs. The degree of connectivity vertices changes in discrete time in a fuzzy temporal graph. Most of isomorphic transformations of fuzzy temporal graph change their external representation without changing its signature. In this regard, matters relating to the consideration of temporal invariants of fuzzy graphs. Example of finding chromatic sets of fuzzy temporal graph is considered here.

    Keywords: Fuzzy temporal graph, fuzzy partial graph, graph coloring, chromatic set, the degree of separability

  • The automated formation of a database of finding of geoobjects on the basis of mathematical model of the city and the country

    In this work the problem definition of the country and city of object of a geolocation on the basis of its coordinates is considered (latitudes and longitudes). The main objective of work is the automated determination of location and a binding of location-based objects to the countries and the cities in the world. The received algorithm allows to define concrete location of objects in a format of the countries/cities and to create own base that is actual for the majority of location-based web services and appendices, and also provides the decision for the following circle of tasks: definition of the country and city of object on the basis of its coordinates; formation of statistical these objects on the basis of the made base of the cities and countries; automatic expansion of base of the cities and countries at addition of bigger number of objects; possibility of a filtration of objects about the country or to the city.

    Keywords: geolocation, the location-based Google service, determination of location of object, the automated finding of location-based object, location-based web service.

  • Construction of a road graph for routing mobile robot in a closed system of corridors

    Two approaches are proposed for constructing a road graph for routing mobile robot in a closed system of corridors with a focus on the use of the robot computer vision to identify the entrances to the rooms from the hallway. In the first version of the graph the vertices correspond to the two types of objects: connection points (branching intersection) corridors and location of entrances - each input corresponds to only one vertex. The second version for the formation of the graph allows to concider returns of the robot and the robot motion in the joints of the corridors. For each room's entry formed two vertices to describe the robot motion in all directions.

    Keywords: routing, road graph, mobile robot

  • One method of constructing database queries based on fuzzy logic

    It is shown that the current direction of the development of electronic document management is the transition to the information systems that support the dialog interaction with the user in natural language. This area is challenging because of exponential growth of data processed by modern information systems. Described the problem of converting verbal criteria describing properties of the required data, SQL queries, implementation of which will allow to obtain the required data. As a practical example, the selected task is the classification of employees in three clearly defined categories: ""small experience"", ""average experience"", ""great experience"". Before you create a database assumptions were adopted: the experience of employees is taken into account from 0-25 years. The time period to 7 years is an indicator of employees with low seniority. As close to a group of employees with secondary seniority are those who have work experience of 8 to 13 years; a great experience – more than 15 years. Create table ""Employees"", consisting of the following fields: id, name, Sex, Phone, notes, date of hiring, date of dismissal, work Experience in similar position, Experience just. The work deals with the queries to retrieve data based on the SELECT statement of the SQL language. Mathematically formalizing verbal filter criteria data was formalized with trapezoidal membership functions. Describes the implementation of the conversion process trapezoidal membership functions in SQL queries against a relational database. Implemented conversion mathematically consistent as the theory of fuzzy sets and the concept of relational databases (i.e. SQL standard). Compliance transformation of fuzzy set theory in the future will allow the use of operators for manipulating sets (Union, intersection, etc.), and compliance with SQL to practically implement the proposed approach by means of a broad class of relational database management systems.

    Keywords: fuzzy logic, membership function, fuzzy set term, linguistic variable, database, fuzzy queries, the index of conformity,a-slice

  • Analitiko-chislennoye modeling of the distributed information systems with the low level of a network traffic

    The architecture of the distributed information systems (IS) is considered, with use of the office of the closed systems of mass service (SMS) and a method of the enclosed Markov's chains the analitiko-numerical model of this class IS with remote execution in the conditions of the low level of load of a network traffic is developed. The following stages of creation of this model are offered: conceptual representation of functioning of system; formation of full space of conditions of the chain of Markov enclosed in casual process; a choice of the moments of regeneration of messages in system; definition of space of conditions of a chain of Markov taking into account restrictions; calculation of a matrix of transitional probabilities; receiving formulas of calculation of characteristics of the distributed IS on the basis of a vector of the stationary distribution of probabilities (SDP) at the moments of regeneration of messages. The analitiko-numerical model offered and in detail considered in article can be realized in any high-level programming language and respectively serve as the highly effective tool for carrying out experiments with a research objective of behavior of the distributed IS at various values of its external and internal parameters.

    Keywords: the distributed information system, replication, network traffic, remote execution, Poisson stream, erlangovsky stream, method of the enclosed Markov's chains, space of states, the moments of regeneration, matrix of transitional probabilities

  • Using of RFID technology and the QR-coding to protect against counterfeit products of textile enterprises

    Currently, counterfeit goods began dating in all types of consumer goods. The sector of textile products is one of the most susceptible to counterfeiting. A lot of companies confronted with the problem of counterfeiting of their products on a commercial scale. One of the promising directions in the area of protection against counterfeiting of products is the use of RFID technology. On the basis of one of the basic RFID standards established technology NFC, electronics manufacturers inserted into the smartphones the corresponding module. Using NFC technology, together with the developed system for the identification of products can serve as additional, and for some companies and the only protection against forgery.Each item in the system has a unique QR-code link to the page containing detailed information. Link consists of a website address and a unique identifier. The resulting QR-code may be printed on the label of the product, which is integrated with the NFC tag containing the same unique identifier. QR-code reading is carried out by appropriate application. NFC tag reading is possible if the corresponding module, which is now present in most mobile devices. The owner of a mobile device, comparing the received code, be able to distinguish original products from counterfeits.

    Keywords: counterfeit goods, RFID technology, two-dimensional coding, QR-code

  • Document flow adaptive management system with using of multilayer neural networks for aircraft production enterprise

    In the paper we present the design and construction approach of adaptive document management system (ADMS) for the aircraft manufacturing enterprise. We propose a procedure for document workflow simulation providing adaptation to changing of life cycle of the project. For simulation of section describing study of document we use a lot of mathematical modeling tools for document workflow simulation supplemented with neural networks, which is used as an adaptive controller. The purpose of the control is achieved by minimizing the adaptation algorithm by method of error back propagation. The block diagram of ADMS nonlinear dynamic object with reference model is presented. For the purpose of nonlinear management system design, document flow nonlinear object was presented as a universal equation of Van der Pol–Relay oscillator. We explore the possibility of the document implementation that confirms the theoretical principles of the method of analytical design of aggregated regulators (ADAR). The proposed approach allows improving specialized document management system for different enterprises, particularly in the aircraft industry.

    Keywords: Document workflow, adaptive system, neural network, method of synthesis, modeling