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  • Algorithm for control system heating, ventilating and air conditioning in intelligent buildings

    In this paper, discussAn algorithm for control equipment in heating, ventilation and air conditioning system as part of intelligent building control based on indicators of climate comfort and energy conservation. We derive solutions corresponding to a particular situation.

    Keywords: sensors, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, intelligent control, decision making, control algorithm

  • Drum algofilter intensity spectrum optimization by the iteration proceeding algorithms

    The model drum fitofilter based on Caulerpa prolifera is considered. The optimal intensity characteristics received. The parameters of lighting, minimizing the cyanobacteria growth are determined. Optical image processing algorithms of producing a predetermined light intensity distribution suggested.

    Keywords: Gerchberg-Saxton algorythm, aquaculture, Caulerpa, algofiltre

  • The mathematical model of transformation of phosphorus, nitrogen and silicon forms in the moving turbulent water environment in problems of dynamics of planktonic populations

    In this article the mathematical model of transformation of biogenous substances forms, such as phosphorus, nitrogen and silicon, in water ecosystems by the example of the Azov Sea is constructed. The model considers absorption and excretion of nutrients by phytoplankton, and also transition of substances from one form to another. The equations system that describing model was studied for what linearization of system was made, the square functional was constructed. As a result of research sufficient conditions of uniqueness of the problem solution were received, the theorem was formulated.

    Keywords: phytoplankton, phosphorus, nitrogen, silicon, biogene, chemical and biological source, equation of convection-diffusion-reaction, linearization, uniqueness of the decision of equations system

  • Recovery of images by means of the bit planes in automated control systems and information processing

    In this work approach to automation of a dorisovka and recovery of the image on the basis of use of the bit planes is considered. The analysis of application of the bit planes is shown on the example of lack of a site of the image. Influence of the senior and younger planes on quality of recovery of the image is considered.

    Keywords: bit images, dorisovka of images, correction of images by method of the bit planes, automation of the distorted sites of images

  • Building a model of the autonomous electricity network

    The article describes the features of the design of control systems based on renewable and alternative energy sources. These are managed by a fuzzy logic element specially formed the basis of the rules. A new approach to improve the energy efficiency of autonomous systems by changing the management structure.

    Keywords: Renewable energy sources, design, evaluation, planning, energy efficiency, monitoring, forecasting, development prospects

  • "Study of stylistic and typological peculiarities of thinking of cartographers and garment design engineers "

    In the article the authors review stylistic and typological peculiarities of thinking of the representatives of engineering specialties. In the research rather new and seldom applied in diagnostic practice psychological techniques were used ("Measuring Technique of the Art of Thinking" (by A.K. Belousova); a questionnaire "The Art of Thinking" (by R. Bramson, A. Harrison, adapted by A.A Alexeev); a technique "Choice of Direction" by E. Torrance; a questionnaire "Definition of Thinking Type and Creativity Level" and diagnostics by J. Bruner's technique). These techniques allowed establishing interesting facts about the peculiarities of mental activity of cartographers and garment design engineers. The obtained results can be useful both for psychologists, and human resources specialists, managers.

    Keywords: thinking, art of thinking, thinking type, creativity, joint mental activity, professional activity

  • Model of the total score site in the Internet based on the ranking factors

    The article describes the model of an ideal site in terms of search engine based on the search query. This model takes into account the different ranking factors, which is included ranking factors: behavioral ranking factors, external ranking factors and internal ranking factors. The model of the total evaluation site in the Internet according to the ranking factors.

    Keywords: the ranking factor, the sorting sites, evaluation of site, the search engine, site optimization, Internet

  • To the question of developing a model non-linear element with a controlled current-voltage characteristic

    In this paper, we consider the problem of development of equivalent circuit of non-linear element with the current-voltage characteristic controlled either voltage or current, which can be modeled without any changes of scheme in accordance with design requirements. For solving the problem we use an analog-digital-analog element. The current-voltage characteristic of this element is determined by the program of the digital device work. To approximate the characteristics of non-linear elements we apply polynomials of varying degrees - segments of the Taylor series, Maclaurin, Lagrange, et al. In our opinion, the solution of such a problem is relevant.

    Keywords: Synthesis schemes, non-linear circuits, equivalent transformations, analog-digital-analog element, non-linear resistance, controllable voltage source, Taylor series, Maclaurin, Lagrange polynomials

  • Assessment of software reliability by means of functional approach's application

    In this article a method of assessment the software reliability is proposed. This method bases on the allocation of functional units - structured sets of logically related commands to ensure the implementation of a well-defined range of the one character's tasks. The reliability of the program consists of the aggregate achievements of the reliability of each functional unit,which has its own special set of possible faults and failures. Unlike most of the existing models for assessment the software reliability assessment in this method does not occur in the testing phase of software product but the final result evaluated.

    Keywords: reliability software, reliability assessment, software, method for assessing the reliability, functional approach, functional unit, failure, failure of the program

  • Application of the system principles in software quality management

    Adaptation of the basic system principles (integrity, a necessary variety, flexibility, external addition and commitment) to quality management of the software is offered. The author proves useful effect from their application by means of detection of the features following from interrelation between the making elements of programs. Moreover such features can define new ways of software quality management.

    Keywords: software quality, software, assessment of software quality, system approach, system principles, software quality management

  • Сomplex open ended assignments in blended and online automated training

    Instructors face different problems making online courses from face-to-face courses. One of the problems is availability of special assignments. These assignments are difficult to assess and implement in online mode. Researchers use different not so accurate and clear terminology denoting this class of problems. A terminology of these assignments is defined and their classification is given in the paper. Also the existing techniques for organizing and scoring these works are observed. Several types of assignments which can’t be scored automatically are defined. A technique and tool for automated scoring these works were developed. The technique and the tool were used during the blended performance of term papers on the subject «Design of automated system of data processing and control» of five-course students majoring in Automated system of data processing and control in Ufa state aviation technical university in autumn term in 2013. This helped us accelerate the scoring process greatly.

    Keywords: complex open ended assignment, complex open ended assignment classification, complex result assignment, multi-step assignment, online learning, blended learning, automated scoring

  • A sociological analysis of social health of the student youth of the South of Russia in the framework of the theory of structural marginality

    In this article the social health of the student youth as a social phenomenon is considered in the context of the theory of structural marginality. The author describes and explains the condition of the marginalized status of the student youth of the South of Russia. Social health of the student youth of the South of Russia is a reflection of the degree of her marginal position in society.

    Keywords: Social health, Russian student youth, structural marginality, status, social value, satisfaction with life, the South of Russia

  • Resource allocation in hierarchical transport systems with interval optimal criterias

    In the paper we consider the multi-criteria resource allocation problem in hierarchical transport systems with interval optimal criteria. We build a general mathematical model with multi-criteria optimization problems. The optimal criteria are given in the form of piecewise constant functions. The problems are solved by searching for “optimal nodes” in multidimensional multi-valued cube. Every node of a cube defines own system of linear algebraic bilateral transport-type inequalities. By defining the order of criteria, the multi-criteria problem is reduced to single-criteria problem. This problem is solved on various subsets of the cube’s nodes. Solution is based on sequential checks of the compatibility of the system that defines resource allocation restrictions. If the system of the restrictions is given in the form of an oriented tree, checking the compatibility of the system is made with “modified boundaries” method. For the general case, we propose to use a generalization of the Agmon-Motzkin relaxation method of orthogonal projections. We considered a scheduling task for an enterprise as an example of applied problem.

    Keywords: hierarchical transport system, resource allocation problem, multuindex system of linear algebraic inequalities, multicriteria optimization, multidimensional multivalued cube

  • Hydrodynamics calculations of AUUV

    The paper substantiates the necessity of the CFD analysis of AUUV. It presents an algorithm of hydrodynamic coefficients computation. The initial conditions and environment model for computation are defined. We present the CFD results and the approach of hydrodynamic coefficients analysis.

    Keywords: AUUV hydrodynamics mathematical model polynom approximation software complex

  • The development of сomputer-aided design system for cooling heatsink of electronic components on the basis of API technologies

    The system is intended to automate the procedure of 3D-models calculation and formation for cooling heatsink of electronic components. Based on user input, the system calculates the design parameters of the heatsink in the mathematical core, then data enters the geometric kernel, where the construction and rendering of 3D-model takes place. The system allows to choose the type of heatsink being constructed, the method by calculations will occur, dimensions and material properties. The result is a 3D-model of the heatsink suitable for use in the design process.

    Keywords: heatsink, computer-aided design, automation system, radioelectronic equipment, parameterization, geometric modeling, API

  • Formalization of concepts of acceptable and tolerant risk

    Risk management process represents the complex problem possessing a number of specific features. Ambiguity of the concept "risk" and variety of manifestations of risk and opportunities of overcoming of its adverse effects are aggravated with that the most part of the parameters participating in process of development of managing decisions have no accurate (numerical) characteristics. Estimates of the majority of concepts are formulated by experts in a verbal form. For overcoming of the specified difficulties in work the method of a numerical assessment of levels of the acceptable is offered and tolerant is risk. The entered metrics allow to start formalization of process of search and acceptance of optimum management decisions for reduction of value of the current risk to the target objective. The offered mathematical model can be the basis for the corresponding software for the purpose of creation of system of decision support in the sphere of a risk management.

    Keywords: risk management, acceptable risk, tolerant risk, current risk level, degree of danger of a situation

  • Mathematical model of implicit-pole synchronous generator of mini-CHP

    In this paper we propose mathematical model of implicit-pole synchronous generator of mini-CHP. The model is based on a full Park-Gorev differential equation. The saturation of the machine is taken by using the method of partial magnetic characteristics. This method allows most accurate evaluation of the change of parameters of an equivalent circuit of the nonsalient-pole generator in the absence of information about the magnetic properties of the machine. The model is Implemented in Simulink. Application of the model is possible when calculating the steady-state and transients in distribution electrical net wich contains implicit-pole synchronous generators.

    Keywords: nonsalient-pole synchronous generator, implicit-pole generator, mathematical model, Park-Gorev differential equation, magnetic characteristics, transients

  • Features of hope and the relation to life at experts of a technical profile

    The article discusses problems of hope and the relation to life of representatives of technical specialties. Approaches to studying of hope as sociocultural and social-psychological phenomenon are briefly described. It is noted that the hope is the metavalue of human life. Authors emphasize that the fulfillment of vital events of any modality, both positive, and negative, leads to change of expressiveness of hope. In article on the basis of empirical data features of hope and the relation of experts of a technical profile to various stages of the life are analyzed.

    Keywords: hope, spheres of hope, life satisfaction, relation to life, life events

  • The features of the future image of engineering students

    The article gives the definition of "the future image." It is spoken about the important role of this phenomenon in the lives of young people. the structure of the future image. Given a description of its characteristics, discusses a number of psychological theories that have different ideas about the way of the future.The assumptions about the specifics of these ideas as possible ways to describe life scenarios. The author describes and analyzes the content of the image characteristic of the future for today's youth, defines the main components of its semantic structure. Highlights the types of images of the future are inherent to engineering students.Gives comparative analysis of different types of image of the future students of technical specialties.

    Keywords: The image of the future, the semantic structure of the image of the future, life plans, life prospects, psychological time, goal setting

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    Calculate the aerial and / or hydrodynamic effects from the continuous medium required for the synthesis of an adequate control system. Numerical simulation of movement managed position-control trajectory mini-ship at small angles of heel and the presence of sea waves on the basis of a fully-mathematical model and the proposed methodology for assessing the hydrodynamic impact.

    Keywords: surface mini-boat, position-control trajectory, aerohydrodynamics, mathematical model, nonlinear dynamics, CFD modeling, external disturbances

  • Mathematical model of functioning distributed infomatione systeme on the base "fale-server" architecture with cosidering the influence of blocings

    Using a device of close homogeneous exponential queueing networks (QN) a mathematical model of an information system functiouning with considering influence of blockings was worked out. A proccessor and the united resourse "channel - external memory" are considered as shared resources. All the users' requests are assumed to be single and homogeneous and the servicing discipline "First Come First Served" is used for sequence of their execution. Analytic expressions are given for calculation of the integral characteristics of the system: the distribuition law of number of messages in a system, the average number of messages at a node, the average sojourn time of a message at a node, the average sojourn time of a message in a system.

    Keywords: Distributed information system, distributed data base, local computing system, mass service network, conceptual model, exponential law of distributing the random value, stationary probability, mark process, the global balance equation, system reaction tim

  • About finding normative solutions of systems of a heat supply

    This paper investigates the possibility of finding normative solutions in the process of mathematical modeling of systems of a heat supply (STS). Theorems are formulated and conditions for the reachability of the stationary and regulatory regimes of Autonomous and centralized heat supply systems. Formulated search order normative solutions STS.

    Keywords: stationary regime, regulatory regime, system of linear ordinary differential equations, controlling the heat supply, equivalenting of systems of a heat supply, control of the source of thermal energy

  • Scientific and technical support for closure of unviable coal mines on the basis of systematic analysis of information

    Abstract: The article is devoted to the description of the results of scientific research in the field of substantiation of the programme of action in the restructuring of the coal industry. The main attention of the authors focused on ensuring the environmental security of organizational and technical measures. It is shown that the goal of environmental protection on the territory of the liquidated mines can only be achieved when forming the production program considering the results of a comprehensive study of the object and its relationship with the external environment (geo-environment, groundwater and surface hydrosphere and atmosphere) with using theories of system analysis and prognostics. In particular, based on the analysis of scientific publications on the subject and the results of their own research to determine leading factors of negative impact on life safety of the population and the requirements of the forecast system. In the final part of the article provides information on the implementation of the methodology of research into practice.

    Keywords: scientific support, liquidation, coal mine, methodology, system analysis, prognostics, coal-rock massif, environmental safety, simulation

  • Simulation of retaining wall of embankment by finite element method

    The analysis of design decisions on the construction of a retaining wall embankment intended to unload the rock mass of dump trucks in the hopper of the crusher. The stress-strain state of defense structures and the soil mass in order to select the optimal technical solutions unit retaining wall. The distribution of stresses in the concrete structures and subgrade. The application of handling screens with anchor-Injector for sustainability and strengthening the walls of the mound.

    Keywords: Embankment, cladding structure, retaining wall, designing, finite elements method, subfoundation, subjecting to stress, strains

  • A simulation model of interests coordination in the system of continuing professional education

    A game-theoretic dynamic model of social partnership in the system of continuing professional education is proposed and investigated in the simulation mode on the base of scenario method. The processing of modeling data includes a comparative analysis of state variable and payoff functionals. Results of the model identification and investigation based on simulation modeling are considered. A comparative analysis of egoistic and cooperative approaches to the social partnership is conducted.

    Keywords: social partnership, continuing professional education, simulation modeling, identification, difference games