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  • Designing the style of managing organizational conflicts on simulation models

    This article considers the option of using a simulation model in organizational conflict management as an intelligent analyzer of a conflict situation. It is proposed to build its own style of leadership, necessary and sufficient to successfully overcome the organizational conflict. Based on the model forecast, the manager constructs an appropriate solution within the framework of the variability of authoritarian, democratic and liberal styles of government with the help of the auxiliary variables available to him. This allows him not only to get out of the usual style of leadership, but also to choose the necessary and sufficient style in this case, to test style behavior strategies. The manager has the opportunity to use the management style that best suits the internal and external conditions of his activities. Today, managers must meet the emerging problems and the ability to solve them effectively with their stylistic variability.

    Keywords: simulation model, conflict in the organization, management style, behavior strategy, manager

  • Simulation model in the circuit of management of organizational conflicts

    Organizational conflicts are a natural and integral part of any process. In modern control theory, it is proposed to use various adaptive control structures to solve such problems, in particular, with reference or configurable models in the control loop. A cognitive model of adaptive management of organizational conflicts with a configurable model in the management loop is considered. Embedding the model in the control loop allows you to integrate information about the dynamics of process characteristics. Based on information processing, a variant of controls for de-escalation of the conflict is proposed. The model in the organizational conflict management loop is essentially an intelligent conflict situation analyzer. It presents options based on the accumulated and processed information within the framework of known precedents for their solution. The core of such analyzers is a simulation model based on the system dynamics paradigm. The built simulation model allows you to evaluate and predict the impact of factors, ways to stabilize and manage organizational conflicts, taking into account the main parameters. In accordance with the concept of adaptive management, the model can be configured for the current values of the conflict situation parameters and, in accordance with the already tested options, can offer management in a specific situation. The use of the system dynamics paradigm in the model for building an effective forecast is focused on the strategic level of management.

    Keywords: cognitive model, simulation model, conflict, escalation, contour, management, de-escalation, organization

  • Design technology research of regional integration policies as a condition of innovative development South of Russia

    Article is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of the regional integration policy of the Southern Federal University in southern Russia. The concept of creation and development of educational research and innovation complex - Department of regional integration on the basis of the higher school of the university.

    Keywords: South Russia, South Federal District, Southern Federal University, technology department

  • Problems and prospects of military-patriotic education in the Cossack Cadet Corps Russia

    The article investigates the formation and development of the network of the Cossack cadet corps in Russia. Cadet education is seen as a unique and effective system for producing high-quality secondary education and upbringing of the younger generation.

    Keywords: Cadet Corps, military education, the Cossacks, traditions and education

  • Design technologies of socio-cultural development of South Russia

    Article dedicated to design technologies of socio-cultural and ethno-political development of southern Russia. Proposed the concept of regional research programs.

    Keywords: South Russia, Southern Federal University, technology, program, facility