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  • Economic mechanism for sustainable urban development

    The most important aspect of the development of the regional economy is shaping prospects for determining the stability of the economy, allowing optimum combination of goals, means and results of its operations for the protection of the natural potential in urban environments. To achieve these goals requires the development of methodological principles of ecological and socio-economic policy, which aims to realize the sustainable development of the region. Selection of methods for the study of natural resource potential of a particular area is important for assessment activities, the establishment of indicators and assessment criteria, selection of a systematic approach for the formation of sound environmental activities like inter-settlement spaces and urban conditions  

    Keywords: Sustainable development, the formation of environmental nature, the criteria for assessing the sustainability of a potential teriitorii

  • Ecological aspects of reclamation of regulation land relations in modern conditions

      In the article are researched econology aspects of a land relations management in current situation. Different institutional environment questions of soil-reclamations development.

    Keywords: ground, melioration, ecology, economy, management

  • The influence of different values for the factorial estimates of land resorsov

      The influence of various parameters on the formation of the factorial and the development of agricultural land in the new economic conditions, given their ecological and economic assessment, which will ultimately determine with the greatest efficiency of using of land resources, are solving these problems in modern.

    Keywords: ecological and economic assessment, criteria, factors, cadastral valuation

  • Socio-economic management aspects of municipal territories

      The social element in management of municipal territories reveals through the scope of many factors. Efficiency of using the land in the city also provides the rationality placement of industrial and production objects. The products of people activity, that negatively influencing towards ecology, involve deterioration of the ecological organization of urban areas, and that means, and social and economic factors. For this reason it is necessary to realize the program of the accounting of an ecological factor in ground policy of the city.

    Keywords: territory, municipality, efficiency, land, city