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  • The use of unmanned aerial vehicles when establishing zones with a mode of use and their current control

    The legal status of water bodies implies special measures aimed at preserving and preventing negative processes within the boundaries of a water body. A zone with a special mode of use is the territory, within the boundaries of which the mode of using the object for the purpose of protection and (or) to protect the environment is established. In modern geodesy, special satellites are used that are part of the global positioning system. The object is tied to the existing geodetic network, the identification marks are laid in a minimal amount, then aerial photography is performed and the photoplans are “stitched”. The emergence of electronic and unmanned measuring instruments during a complex of geodetic works greatly facilitated the work of geodetic engineers, allowing them to increase the productivity and accuracy of work performed when using such instruments.

    Keywords: water protection zone, zones with a special mode of use, water bodies, unmanned aerial vehicles, coastline, coastal protective strip, aerial photography, GNSS receivers, surveying equipment, orthophotomap

  • Organizational and economic aspects of the natural economic activities in urban areas

    The paper deals with the management of natural resources of the city with a practical definition of the right to the city natural objects. The role and tasks of monitoring the system of regional natural resource management to control functions

    Keywords: Natural resource management, information systems, natural resources, the cadastral valuation of natural resources, urban

  • Economic mechanism for sustainable urban development

    The most important aspect of the development of the regional economy is shaping prospects for determining the stability of the economy, allowing optimum combination of goals, means and results of its operations for the protection of the natural potential in urban environments. To achieve these goals requires the development of methodological principles of ecological and socio-economic policy, which aims to realize the sustainable development of the region. Selection of methods for the study of natural resource potential of a particular area is important for assessment activities, the establishment of indicators and assessment criteria, selection of a systematic approach for the formation of sound environmental activities like inter-settlement spaces and urban conditions  

    Keywords: Sustainable development, the formation of environmental nature, the criteria for assessing the sustainability of a potential teriitorii

  • Formation of an information mechanism of ecological economic land management in the area of territorial

    Information and communication technology is one of the most important factors that influence the formation of society. Inventory of real estate is one of the most important sources of information on indicators of environmental-economic environment as a control object. Policy in the field of information of local government - is aimed of public authorities to create a single information space in a systematic manner and the general principles of administrative, organizational and technical solutions for the effective implementation and use of modern computer technology in the field of municipal administration and economic management.

    Keywords: information society, modern land use, payment for land, electronic map, database