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  • Realize construction and technical expertise of pools

    The water recreation industry is actively developing. An individual pool at home is also not uncommon for a long time, because everyone wants to live in comfortable conditions. Modern country houses place the pool on the ground floor of the premises on the plot next to the house. Despite the financial costs and time for maintenance, the health benefits of the pool, as well as the variety of leisure activities through taking water procedures or playing with children, are a very powerful argument in order to arrange a pool at home.The number of pools is increasing and the number of pools built with defects is also increasing. it may be because use low-quality construction materials and reduce their volumes, perform work by unskilled employees, violate the requirements of construction documents of the project. therefore it is necessary to carry out construction and technical examination.

    Keywords: construction, swimming pool, construction and technical expertise, regulatory documentation, defects

  • Features of development and construction of social infrastructure facilities

    The construction of social infrastructure is an integral part of improving the quality of life. The study systematized the main problems faced by the developer and the state in the construction of social infrastructure, provides an approximate list of measures that can improve the situation.

    Keywords: social infrastructure, state, developer, economy, residential complex, public-private sector, housing construction, state, operation

  • GPR determination of electrical and physical properties of motor road and railway structural layers

    The paper studies the possibility of quantitative processing of the GPR data for determining the dielectric permittivity and conductivity of a medium (soil samples). Experimental studies are made using radargrams of soil samples with specified values of moisture and conductivity. New methods of quantitative processing of radargrams are proposed in this work to determine the dielectric permittivity and conductivity of soils. The methods were successfully tested on various sections of Russian railways net.

    Keywords: layered road profiling, GPR, soil moisture, soil layers profiling, soil conductivity

  • Complex research of the composition and structural characteristics of the rock-forming minerals in Millerovsky bentonite clay

    This work deals with the integrated study of the composition and structural characteristics of the rock-forming minerals in Millerovsky bentonite clay. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of the clay samples is made by X-ray diffraction , X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and thermal analysis . The morphological and microstructural features of minerals are investigated by scanning electron microscopy. The application of the method of direct theoretical calculation of the diffraction patterns is showm to determine the crystal-chemical parameters of the studied minerals. The results are aimed at explaining a number of physical and chemical properties of layered aluminosilicate.

    Keywords: clays, clay minerals, layered silicates, x-ray diffraction, crystalline systems

  • Identification of the structural features of layered minerals by X-ray diffraction

    The paper is devoted to developing an approach to solving the problem of structure identification of layered minerals of the kaolinite group by the Rietveld method. The calculations of the intensity of the diffracted X-ray radiation are performed for the koalinit samples obtained from different fields. Qualitative agreement between calculated and experimental results has managed the solution of the identification problem for the kaolinite unit cell Glukhovtsy deposit. The obtained results indicate the possibility of identifying the features of the crystal structure of layered minerals by direct calculation of diffraction patterns.

    Keywords: layered minerals, crystal structure, group of koalinit, diffractogram, X-rays, Voigt function, phase composition