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  • Control of energy-saving converters

    A long term study of compensation converters allowed to solve the task of designing the structure, the calculation of its elements, the determination of static characteristics and energy performance. Thus remain undeveloped algorithms of their work to ensure a successful use of compensatory converters and independent control of active and reactive power consumption. An algorithm of their work to ensure the optimal use of compensatory converters. This article contains material from GC № 16.526.12.6016 11.10.2011.

    Keywords: Site load electric network compensation converters; management algorithms ; controlled electric drive with compensation rectifier in section of the direct current of the converter of the frequency

  • Iterative optimal control algorithm energy-saving converters

    An optimal control algorithm for compensating converters. This algorithm provides control of active and reactive components of power consumption. The algorithm allows to reach a balance  between the values ​​of the angles  controls αi and αe . In the algorithm used is a method for solving equations by iteration. In article materials of the state contract № 16.526.12.6016 on 11.10.2011.

    Keywords: compensation converter, frequency converter, control algorithm, objective function, iterative method