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  • Methods of overcoming the crisis at economic destabilization

    The article considers the problems of economic instability as a result of the imbalance in the development of certain industries, interrelated phases of production, generating disruption of the reproduction process. The economic crisis that has gripped currently almost all countries of the world, is not the cause of the problems that plague the world community. The crisis revealed only the great disparities in the world economy, which led to the violation of the fundamental principle of the stable functioning of the world economy as a system - the principle of deepening international division of labor.

    Keywords: economic cycle, production, exchange, distribution, consumption, economic phase, the reproductive process, imbalance, material production, social product. surplus product, the integration, crisis.

  • The establishment of civil society in the context of cultural dialogue

    The article considers the process of civil society establishment in the context of shaping a new dialogue paradigm of thinking. The distinctive feature of this article is that it reveals an important aspect of formation the democratic institutes in contemporary Russian society. The author suggests the investigation of the process of cultural interaction in the context of the modern world trends of integration and disintegration

    Keywords: civil society, dialogue paradigm, democratic institutes, state, society, personality, civil initiation, culture, the dialogue of cultures, intercultural exchange