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  • Methods of overcoming the crisis at economic destabilization

    The article considers the problems of economic instability as a result of the imbalance in the development of certain industries, interrelated phases of production, generating disruption of the reproduction process. The economic crisis that has gripped currently almost all countries of the world, is not the cause of the problems that plague the world community. The crisis revealed only the great disparities in the world economy, which led to the violation of the fundamental principle of the stable functioning of the world economy as a system - the principle of deepening international division of labor.

    Keywords: economic cycle, production, exchange, distribution, consumption, economic phase, the reproductive process, imbalance, material production, social product. surplus product, the integration, crisis.

  • Biological models as means of studying of biosocial processes of regulation of behavior of the person

    The article represents the theoretical analysis of scientific literature in the field of crossing of biological and sociological knowledge. Association of opportunities of both sciences in creation of complex conceptual model of biosocial regulation of human behavior was the purpose of this analysis. The existence of considerable similarity in ideas about the key factors of human behavior in doctrines of the sociologists who develop subjectivistic approach, and in the biological theory of functional systems is demonstrated in this article. The text contains the short review of scientific facts that confirm existence of interrelation between life experience of the individual, character of his social behavior and neurochemical regulative systems' status. The results of researches of animals and the person that have discovered the social effects of such neuromediators, as oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine are considered. The potentiality for using the high-organized animals for natural biological modeling of social objects is discussed.

    Keywords: biosocial human nature, social behavior, life experience, biological model

  • Modeling of crisis situations as one of regulation forms

    The article is devoted to the economic crisis . The article reveals the causes of the crisis in diversity, reflecting the objective and subjective features. The nature of economic development aimed at making a profit is revealed. The consequences and causes of the crisis are closely related factors. One of the models out of the crisis is considered over-investment that leads to an abundance of goods that society can not consume. Rapid technological advances associated with the investment, do not necessarily lead to a crisis. Their effect may be in abnormal artificially inflated consumption. Another model is the development of the financial and credit system that contribute to the accelerated development of the economy. Globalization as a kind of model leads to the instability of the national economies. To date, commercial, financial and credit relations tied together the economies of most countries. Now states have become parties in the economic competition, credit and financial relations, which weakened their role stabilizing fiscal policy within their own countries. Also the psychological factors have important role in crisis, since the behavior of economic actors may be a "trigger".

    Keywords: Economic crisis, production, profit, factor, management, investment, technical progress, consumption, banking system, economic activity.