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  • Installation for pneumatic testing of valves - design and calculation

    Pipe fittings, which are one of the main elements of any type of pipeline networks, can be used for various purposes: shut-off, reverse, safety, control, separating, shutting off, etc. In order to control the performance of this element, it is necessary to carry out various tests in the prescribed manner, the main ones being pneumatic. This study is devoted to the development of equipment for in-plant pneumatic testing of rotary check valves for pipeline systems of hazardous production facilities with ultra-high parameters of the working environment. For this design of the installation, the simulation of the stress-strain state of the elements of the installation was carried out, as well as the gas-dynamic calculation of the test circuit of the installation.

    Keywords: rotary check valve, pipeline fittings, pipeline system, mathematical modeling, finite element method, strength analysis, stress-strain state, computational fluid dynamics, pneumatic testing, technological pneumatic installation

  • On the issue of the building systems life cycle stages in the context of the principles of information modeling

    The article discusses the basic principles of information modeling of building systems that underlie BIM technology, and emphasizes the importance of their interaction, since the correctness and efficiency of the BIM process depends on this. The traditional and some basic curves characteristic of the life cycle of goods (products), which have found application in marketing theory, is given. It is noted that each stage of the life cycle of a construction object requires in-depth study and detailed study, since the analysis of scientific publications and the current regulatory document on information modeling revealed their contradiction to each other in some positions.

    Keywords: information modeling, principles, life cycle curves, capital construction object, normative document.

  • A possible approach to the representation of the domain structure in automatic abstracting

    The problem of representation of the structure of the domain, which could be used in automatic summarization is described in this paper. As a solution to this problem, the authors propose to use a denotat-based text analysis technique , developed by A.I. Novikov and his school (Institute of Linguistics). This technique was the basis of the proposed infological model that makes it possible to view the structure of a particular subject area, and ultimately the creation of a system of automatic summarization.

    Keywords: denotation, abstracting, understanding infological model, neural network, text comprehension, semantic clotting

  • Experimental Study of Denotative Model of Understanding in Applications of Automated Abstracting Systems

    The article deals with an experimental study of computer representation of the structure of the domain, which can be used in the automatic summarization. As a theoretical basis for the study psycholinguistic theory of AI Novikov was selected. The denotative text analysis technique which allows to explicate text's meaning in a graph structure was tested. The use of this technique allowed the authors to create a computational model for the automatic construction of graphs that reflect the contents of the natural text.

    Keywords: denotation, computing experiment, abstracting, understanding infological model, understanding of the text, meaning clotting