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  • On the causes of premature destruction of roofs made of polymer membranes

    The article reveals the problem of unreasonable overestimation of the durability of roofs made of polymer membranes, which was allowed during their mass introduction in our country in construction and repair and construction production. The article contains a description and illustrations of characteristic cracks that have arisen on a large area of ​​the membrane roof, which have brought it into an inoperative state. The article provides a comprehensive analysis of the causes of the origin of these cracks, including the influence of the design features of membrane roofs, the aggressive effect of solar radiation and large hail on them. It is concluded that it is necessary to choose more UV-resistant polymer roofing membranes.

    Keywords: construction, building, membrane roof, polymer membrane, durability, aggressive effects, hail, damage, cracks, inoperable condition

  • The new effective technology of embankments monolith retaining walls constructing

    In this article the necessity of improvement of embankments retaining walls concreting technology is substantiated. The research results of falsework material influence on grinding layer properties of monolith construction are adduced. The methods of concrete protective layer durability improvement and surface decorative relief forming are suggested. This method is recommended for usage in building and reconstruction of retaining walls superelevation of city embankments.

    Keywords: hydraulic structures, embankments, retaining walls, flexible falsework, rustic stone forming, concrete curing

  • Method of complex estimation of investment projects in construction based on fuzzy logic

    Expediency of creating a method of complex estimation of investment projects in construction is substantiated in the article. The necessity of the accounting internal and external factors, their importance and trends, and also an inertance of manifestation factors are proved. The method is recommended to use for complex estimation of created and already realized investment projects in construction.

    Keywords: investment project, complex estimation, efficiency, multicriteria optimization, fuzzy logic, construction

  • Complex evaluation competitiveness of construction technologies.

    The article presents the author's method of evaluation competitiveness of construction technologies. The main factors that have influence on the choice of the most competitive construction technology are indicated. The paper contains suggestions on forming the aggregation of local criteria intended for complex estimation of efficiency of any construction technologies. Expediency of vector optimization of competitive technologies is substantiated. The field of rational application of research results is shown  

    Keywords: construction technologies, complex estimation of efficiency, competitiveness, local and global criteria.

  • Information support of preparing pre-project decisions on major repairs of buildings

    "The article contains suggestions on improving classification of the information necessary for preparing pre-project decisions on major repairs of buildings. Expedience of combining the separate information about a building in the single repair-exploitation document – the reglament of technical maintenance is proved. "

    Keywords: building, maintenance, repair, building information, information sources, pre-project decisions.